Motorola Edge Plus display problem as Several users complained

Earlier this year, we saw Motorola do something they hadn’t done in years – they launched a flagship smartphone. The company said the Motorola Edge+ marked its return to the premium segments. However, there have been several reports lately from users of the flagship phone complaining about an issue with the phone’s display.

There have been several complaints from users of the Motorola Edge+ about unknown purple blotches and a green tint that they have been noticing on the phone’s screen. According to some users, purple spots begin to appear on the screen of their Motorola Edge+ after they have used the phone for a prolonged period of time. The spots disappear after some time but will appear again if the phone is used again for a long period of time.

Now, this is a huge cause for concern given this phone is a flagship from the company and it comes with a pretty expensive price tag ($1,000). Many of the users who complained also pointed out that the spots are continuing to increase in both size and number. Another issue users have been complaining about is the appearance of green tints on the screens of their phones. For now, Motorola has acknowledged the issue and it says a software fix is currently being worked upon.

Motorola Edge Plus users complain of display issue
Motorola Edge Plus users complain of display issue

According to a forum administrator, a new software update should have the display problems fixed in no time. They also went on to advise users not to seek an immediate replacement as the problem might be a result of software malfunction rather than hardware. This means that even Motorola Edge+ units that were recently purchased could be victims of this issue as well.

Motorola has already rolled out a software fix but it ended up fixing the issue only temporarily. Users have complained about the issue returning some time after they installed the update.

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