MTN Night Browsing 2022 – Subscribe for all MTN Night Plan Bundles

MTN Night Browsing 2022 – Subscribe for all MTN Night Plan Bundles

You will find a guide on how to activate and enjoy MTN Night Browsing on this age.


Are you searching for a guide on how to activate or buy the MTN night data for free browsing? Or are you looking forth to knowing about MTN night free browsing? You stumbled just on the right page.

What you will find here is a full guide on what MTN night browsing is all about and how you too can benefit from this data package.

MTN Night Browsing 2022 – Subscribe for all MTN Night Plan Bundles

Before going further, I’ll like to let you understand this. MTN night browsing is not a trick neither it is a tweak. You can learn more as we proceed.

About MTN Night Browsing

MTN Night browsing is a data subscription plan introduced by MTN Nigeria to help provide more data value at cheaper rates to Nigerians. The data package was first introduced in Nigeria in 2016 when there was high demand for data subscription though amount isn’t fair enough to or affordable to some set of people. Browsing

Specifically, MTN Night free browsing was designed to serve the need of heavy internet users by accessing them with loads of data for just a penny. Initially, MTN Night browsing was 500MB for N25 but was reduced to over 50%. Currently, N25 gives you 250MB and you can get up to 2GB of data daily. I will walk you through on how to activate the MTN Night plan as we proceed. However, you might want to see who this data package is made for.

Who Can Enjoy this Package/Who is it made for?

The MTN Night browsing plan is not designed for only a specific category/class of persons. Anyone can benefit provided you have an MTN Sim card and on the eligible tariff. See examples of people who can use the MTN night browsing subscription plan below;

  • Bloggers
  • Movie Lovers
  • YouTube Savvy – Stream & download
  • General internet user who needs cheap data

Benefits of MTN Night Data/Browsing

The benefits of using MTN Night plan are just too much to be mentioned. In fact, its endless since no other data package can compete with it. Imagine N25 for 250MB, N50 for 500MB, N100 for 1GB, and so on.

What more can you ask for?

Not just that the data offer is made affordable. As a subscribed user, you get to enjoy high-speed internet connection since majority of people are still sleeping thereby freeing up some network bandwidth. I see no reason why anyone won’t fall in love with this data package since it’s only from 11PM to 6AM the following day. However, not all sim cards are eligible to enjoy this data package. You might want to view the eligibility below;

MTN Night Life Browsing Requirements

  • You must have a registered MTN Sim card
  • You must be on MTN Pulse Tariff plan
  • You must possess the night subscription USSD or SMS code

Don’t bother yourself if you don’t meet up all the above-mentioned requirements. I believe you have a valid MTN SIM already so let me walk you through on how to join MTN pulse tariff and also how to activate the plan on your phone.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

To migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan, you are required to follow our below guide;

  • Unlock your phone and open your mobile dial pad
  • Type in this USSD code *406# and send
  • Now reply with “1” to activate the tariff plan on your line

You should receive an automated SMS reading, “dear customer, you have successfully migrated to MTN pulse tariff plan*****”. Just close the SMS page as I show you how to activate the night plan on your SIM

Methods of Activating MTN Night Browsing

Basically, there are two methods of activating MTN Night browsing plan. They include;

  • SMS method
  • USSD method

For the sake of better understanding, we’ll be using both methods to show you how to activate/buy MTN Night Browsing data subscription package.

How to Activate MTN Night Browsing with SMS

MTN Night browsing subscription is the easiest if I’m to add. Though, the USSD method isn’t difficult too. See below guide on how to purchase MTN Night data plan via SMS.

  • Open your messaging app
  • Tab on the create new SMS icon/button
  • Add 406 as the recipient of the message
  • In the text body, type “Night” and send

You will receive an SMS immediately, that your activation of MTN Night subscription plan is successful. You can repeat the step, again and again, to accumulate up to 2GB of data daily.

NOTE: you will be charged N25 Naira from your current MTN airtime balance and credited with 250MB data for every message you send using the above format. See below for how to activate using simple USSD code.

How to Activate MTN Night Browsing with USSD Code

To activate MTN Night free browsing data package, you are required to follow below guide;

  • Open your phone dial pad
  • Type in this USSD code *406# and send
  • Now reply with “4” to select MTN Nightlife free browsing
  • On the next screen, reply with either “1” for 250MB for N25 OR “2” for 500MB data for N50
  • Now send your request

A message should be delivered to your phone that your subscription for Nightlife free browsing is active. You can go ahead to enjoy your data from 11PM on the current day till 6Am on the following day.JAMB form

How to Accumulate MTN Night Free Browsing 2GB for N200

To get 2GB data for N200, you are required to follow either the SMS or USSD method 8 times. For instance, let’s say you initially selected 250MB for N25 via USSD, you will be required to repeat the same procedures 8 times.JAMB Result

  • 250MB * 8 times = 2GB

It’s as simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check MTN Night Browsing Data Balance

To check your MTN Nightlife subscription balance, you can use *131*1# or *556#

  • MTN Nightlife subscription package last between 11PM to 6AM the following morning
What is the USSD Code for MTN Night Browsing?
  • The USSD code for MTN Night data package is *406#


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