MTN takes steps to safeguard its employees, suppliers and customers

MTN takes precautionary steps to safeguard its employees, suppliers and customers from coronavirus

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MTN Ghana has implemented a series of precautionary measures to ensure continuity of services and the safety of its stakeholders including employees, customers, communities and suppliers following official confirmation of COVID-19 cases in Ghana and subsequent directives by the state to control the spread of the disease.

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A key priority for MTN is to ensure that customers experience the best network connectivity to undertake their business activities and connect with friends and family in this period of limited social interactions and distancing.

In line with safety measures, MTN has provided temperature guns at MTN facilities, as an early detection method for testing body temperature. MTN has also enhanced hygiene measures including easy access to hand sanitizers in all its offices. In addition, MTN has placed restrictions on all international travel and also reducing, wherever possible, domestic travel, as the company continues to monitor the situation.

Customers have been encouraged to use the digital channels for customer service support (Twitter @MTNGhana/ @AskMTNGhana, on Facebook MTNGhana, WhatsApp 0554300000, 0555300000, live chat from and email [email protected]). The use of Mobile Money for financial transactions are also being encouraged.

Commenting on the developments, the CEO of MTN, Mr Selorm Adadevoh said, “Our customers are very important to us and even more so in these times. We have already started several communications through various channels to give them updates on the coronavirus and personal hygiene tips on how to manage the virus. We will continue to support broad customer education and awareness through our platforms and where possible we are partnering with the Ministry of Health to support their response efforts. In due course, we will advise of any other customer support initiatives we come up with.

We encourage our employees, stakeholders and customers to remain calm and take the necessary precautions as outlined by the medical fraternity to minimise the spread of the virus”.

Additionally, MTN is playing a key role in the implementation of some key initiatives undertaken by the telecoms industry to educate and share information on the pandemic. They include the broadcast of safety tips on COVID -19 via Caller Tunez service for all customers.

Further to these, MTN is working closely with our regulators, Telecoms Chamber and by extension Bank of Ghana on some few initiatives to promote digital payments.

COVID-19 is, unquestionably, testing our society. We continue to monitor the global situation closely and strictly adhere to the recommendations of relevant international authorities such as the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health, MTN CEO said.


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