Musk confirmed! Tesla wants to produce Chinese original models in Shanghai, smaller than Model 3

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On Monday, local time in the US, Elon Musk, CEO of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, confirmed that the company plans to produce two different new electric vehicles at the Berlin and Shanghai plants to achieve the launch of cheaper electric vehicles. The goal.

In recent years, Tesla’s short-term and medium-term product roadmaps have been relatively clear. The company plans to bring the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, Semi electric truck and Roadster sports car to the market in the next two years. But as it expands factories around the world, Tesla’s roadmap is once again confusing.

Recently, Tesla talked about plans to design and manufacture new models in Germany and China . At first, Musk talked about tapping local engineering and design talents in these markets, but then he made it clear that Tesla plans to form a team to design new models produced in these markets. Tesla also announced last week that it will produce an electric car priced at only $25,000.

Today, Musk has confirmed in a series of tweets that this $25,000 electric car will not be cheaper than Model 3, and Tesla does plan to launch two new car projects in Shanghai and Berlin.

Musk said in a tweet: “We will not reduce the price of the Model 3 to $25,000. I mean the launch of a future car that is smaller than the Model 3. And both models are original models.”

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Tesla also plans to establish a design center in Berlin. Musk has previously mentioned that the company may design a small electric hatchback in Germany (the tailgate is vertical and can be loaded).

Musk has never set a timetable for designing new electric vehicles in China and Germany.

Musk released a new battery on Battery Day last week. This new “infinite ear electrode” battery size is 46 mm X 80 mm, so it is called the 4860 battery by Tesla, which will increase the energy density of the company’s electric car battery by 5 The power output is increased by 6 times, and the cruising range of Tesla cars is increased by 16%.

Musk said that about three years later, he is confident that he can produce a very attractive fully autonomous car with a price of $25,000. He also said that in the long run, Tesla’s goal is to produce 20 million cars per year. This year, the entire automotive industry is expected to deliver 80 million vehicles worldwide.

Musk said to 270,000 online viewers: “It has always been our dream since the establishment of our company to make an electric car that everyone can afford. But we don’t have a more affordable electric car. This is something we will have in the future, but we The cost of batteries must be reduced.”

Musk also said that he expects the Shanghai plant to achieve the production target of 1 million vehicles per year.


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