Musk: Except for rockets, all vehicles can be electric

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is building its first European super factory in Berlin, Germany. Its CEO Elon Musk recently went to Germany for a four-day visit, including inspection of the progress of the factory. He participated in an on-site Q&A event at the factory and discussed the details of several issues.

First of all, Musk said: “The Berlin factory will be a great workplace for the production of cool cars. We really need to hire a lot of people, so we really want people to work here and provide them as much as possible. Convenience. We will build a train station at the entrance of the factory, leading to all directions. However, I think we actually need two train stations. So if someone lives in Berlin and wants to work here, it will be very convenient. They can drive by themselves, You can also take the train.”

Musk added: “We are looking forward to building a magical place here. I think the two main contractors, Vogel and Goldbeck, have done a good job. In fact, you can see that the progress is very fast, which is awesome! We used prefabrication technology. While leveling the foundation, we prefabricated all parts of the building in a prefabricated manner. This can speed up construction at an incredible speed and finally assemble it into a high-quality building.”

Picture: Tesla CEO Elon Musk inspects the construction progress of the Berlin factory

Someone at the scene asked this question: “Why are you so anxious to build a factory? Why do you insist on building it quickly?”

Musk explained: “I think it’s very important for us to act quickly to address climate change. In my opinion, it’s also very important for us to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future and take action as soon as possible. This is how I think time is. Urgent reason. I said this a long time ago, and now it’s great to see companies like Volkswagen begin to take this issue seriously, but electric cars still only account for a small percentage of car production. Then, I think we might be here. Do more, not just produce cars, but may also produce batteries. I think this will help store wind and solar power.”

Musk also said: ” In essence, the three elements necessary for a sustainable energy future are energy production, energy storage, and electric transportation . The latter includes electric vehicles and eventually electric planes. In addition to rockets, all transportation Electricity is possible . The reason why I burn my eyebrows is that the length of time we spend in this process is very important. The sooner we transition to a sustainable energy future, the better for the world.”

Musk also sent a special message to the people of Glenhead (where the Tesla factory is located). He said: “We are very excited to come to Glenhead and thank you very much for your support. I want to make sure that when we hold a grand party to celebrate the opening of the factory, the whole block will be invited. We will start the party early. I’ll come This is to see the progress of the construction with my own eyes. I actually wanted to come here a long time ago, but I was limited by the new crown epidemic. But I will come here often in the future. I know that the new airport is about to be put into use, so it will be more convenient in the past.”

Musk also said that he likes Germany very much, where the talents and engineering skills left him quite a deep impression. He said: “I think this is the ideal place for us to build our first factory in Europe. We start with the construction of the factory, and then do some original engineering and design work. I may have mentioned that the Berlin paint factory will It’s the most advanced painting facility in all car factories in the world. I think it’s going to be cool. In fact, frankly, it’s even better than the paint shop in the U.S. We will upgrade the U.S. facility later.”

Musk also mentioned some innovations that will be carried out in the Berlin factory. He revealed: “This is not only used to produce Model Y, but will actually completely redesign the core technology of the car. Some of these details, I will talk about the “Battery Day” event later in September. But this will be the first major change in the design of the core structure of this model. It is of great significance. So, as I said, the Berlin plant involves all aspects of manufacturing, engineering, and design.”

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