Musk hopes to use Starlink satellites to build a “Mars Internet bridge”

Gwynne Shotwell, President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX, a US space exploration technology company, revealed in the latest interview that the company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk hopes to use Starlink ) Satellites build an “Internet bridge” between the Earth and Mars.

Shotwell said that Musk hopes to build a large city on this red planet, but he also knows that people living in this space colony may want to go online. She added: “When we bring people to Mars, they will need a way of communication. In fact, I think it will be more critical to have an aerial internet like Starlink around Mars.”

Shotwell said: “Connecting these two planets requires strong communication between Mars and Earth.” This will mean that there will be some kind of “Internet bridge” between Mars and Earth.

The SpaceX chief operating officer also explained that the company will not abandon Earth just because it wants to target Mars.

Musk’s purpose in creating SpaceX is to send humans to other planets, and the interstellar spacecraft can one day send Earth people to Mars. To achieve this goal, Musk said he needs a fleet of 1,000 interstellar spacecraft to build a self-sufficient and sustainable city on Mars.

Musk previously vowed to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050. According to him, SpaceX’s goal is to build 1,000 interstellar spacecraft in a facility in southern Texas within 10 years, which is equivalent to building 100 each year. Given that the company has not built any fully functional interstellar spacecraft so far, this is quite a challenge.

Musk’s ultimate goal is to launch 1,000 interstellar spacecraft flights to Mars every year, an average of 3 times a day. Each spacecraft will send 100 passengers to this red planet every time, making them citizens of the big city of Mars.

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