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Musk said Tesla will enter the Indian market in 2021

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Friday local time that the American electric car manufacturer will enter the Indian market in 2021 .

In reply to a post on Twitter, Musk said, “Next year is for sure.” This post is accompanied by a picture of a T-shirt with the words: “India wants Tesla.” Musk also said, “Thank you for waiting.”

If Tesla enters the Indian market, it is exactly what the Indian government hopes, because Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) is focusing on promoting the use and manufacture of electric vehicles in India. The media previously reported that, in order to promote the popularization of electric vehicles and reduce dependence on petroleum fuels, the Indian government plans to provide $4.6 billion in incentive funds to companies that set up manufacturing plants in India to produce advanced electric vehicle batteries.

India’s auto industry has just emerged from the slowdown in demand last year, but is now hit by the new crown virus pandemic. In order to maintain performance and survive, automakers are seeking support from the Indian government to promote sales.

In fact, Musk expressed interest in the Indian market as early as 2016, but due to issues such as regulatory policies, Tesla has been on the sidelines. Earlier media reports stated that Tesla intends to set up a research and development center in India and negotiated with the Indian government. Last year, Musk’s comments once again stated that Tesla will enter the Indian market. His comment at the time was also a reply to a post on Twitter, which asked “How about India, sir?”

Musk said in March 2019, “I really want to go there (India) this year. If not, it must be next year!”

Tesla’s current market demand for electric vehicles is very strong. According to data released by the company a few days ago, its electric vehicle deliveries reached 139,300 in the third quarter of this year, better than the record delivery record of 112,000 vehicles set in the same period last year. Model X and Model S delivered 15,200 vehicles in the third quarter, and Model 3 and Model Y delivered 124,100 vehicles in total.

If it successfully enters the Indian market, Tesla electric vehicles will open up another emerging market, and its sales will also increase further.

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