Musk: This is one of the toughest quarters for Tesla Logistics, thanks to the delivery team

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In the morning news on September 27, Beijing time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted to express his gratitude to the team for their excellent work in delivery. For the new car owner, he expressed his gratitude to Tesla for accommodating Tesla in terms of delivery time, and said: This is definitely one of the toughest quarters we have experienced in global logistics.

On September 22, local time, Tesla held its annual “Battery Technology Day” event. Tesla CEO Musk previously stated that the products released by Tesla Battery Day will not be mass-produced until 2022 .

In addition, Tesla recently filed a lawsuit against the US Trump administration in the International Trade Court in New York to prevent the latter from imposing new tariffs on Tesla’s imports from China. Tesla hopes that the court will rule that the Trump administration’s actions are illegal and have it refund the money Tesla has paid, including interest.

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