NASA mines Kepler telescope data and discovers rare celestial body composed of 7 hot planets

According to a recent press release issued by NASA, astronomers recently discovered high-temperature planets composed of seven planets after reviewing data compiled by the retired Kepler space telescope. These planets are larger than The Earth is large but smaller than Neptune, and scientists named it Kepler-385.

The newly discovered Kepler-385 has a sun-like star at its center, but is 10% larger and 5% hotter than our sun.

The inner planets orbiting this star are all larger than Earth. Astronomers estimate that they are rocky planets that may have thin atmospheres and are estimated to be twice the size of Earth.

The two inner planets are also expected to be shrouded in thick atmospheres, NASA said. The ability of these data to describe the properties of planets discovered in Kepler-385 demonstrates the quality of Kepler’s latest catalog of exoplanets.

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