NCC insists on a deadline of October 31 for NIN-SIM integration

NCC insists on a deadline of October 31 for NIN-SIM integration

NCC insists on a deadline of October 31 for NIN-SIM integrationNCC insists on a deadline of October 31 for NIN-SIM integration


The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has scheduled October 31 as the deadline for Nigerians to connect their National Identity Numbers (NIN) to Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM) (SIM).

It further said that Nigerians who do not have a NIN would soon be denied the ability to obtain driving licenses and passports.

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This was revealed by the NCC during its Digital Signature radio program, which aired the second edition of the Telecoms Consumer Town Hall on Radio to explore the advantages of NIN-SIM integration.

What NCC has to say

NCC announced in a release titled ‘NIN-SIM Integration:

NCC Sentises Telecom Customers on October 31 Deadline,’ “NCC has reminded and urged telecommunications consumers to connect their NINs with their SIMs before the expiration of the Federal Government’s deadline of October 31, 2021.”

“During the live event, Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde, Director, Public Affairs, NCC, encouraged Nigerians to take advantage of the extension of the NIN-SIM integration project until October 31, 2021, to enroll with NIMC, obtain their NINs, and connect them to their SIMs.

“Soon, people without NIN will be denied of necessary services that play vital roles in their lives including acquisition of driving licence, passport.”

Why does it matter?

According to the statement, “On the benefits of the NIN-SIM integration, Adinde said the exercise will significantly enhance national security because NIN is the primary identity for Nigerians, emphasizing that the NIN-SIM database will enhance citizens’ access to government services, in line with the Federal Government’s commitment to ensure that Nigeria deploys technology to improve service delivery.”

Efosa Idehen, Director of Consumer Affairs Bureau of the NCC, stated, “Those SIMs without unique identification could be used to commit crimes that are untraceable.”

Funmi Opesanwo, Regional Director of NIMC in Lagos, who also appeared on the show, stated that submitting a NIN to a mobile network operator helps to offer a way of confirming an individual’s identification and securing their identity and mobile line.

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