New features are full of highlights! Windows 10 21H1 Early Access

According to previous news released by Microsoft, the next version of Windows 10 21H1 will be launched in the first half of 2021. In addition to some regular bug modifications, this version also brings many new features. At present, some features have been unveiled in Windows 10 Build 20206 (DEV channel), let us take a look together next.

Change 1. Added “User Cleanup Suggestion”

In addition to strong cleaning capabilities, third-party cleaning software also has a common feature, that is, it will tell users how much garbage the hard disk has generated today. Although Win10 has built-in garbage cleaning (disk awareness), it is obviously not enough in this regard.

Newly added “User Cleanup Suggestions”

In the latest version of Win10 Build 20206, an obvious change is the newly added “User Cleanup Suggestions” under the “Storage” panel. This function mainly imitates a third-party tool and actively provides users with cleanup suggestions. At present, its cleaning scope covers temporary files, large files, files that have not been used for a long time, files that have been synchronized to the cloud, and unused applications. It supports all selections or single cleaning.

It can be cleaned with one click, and also supports single clean

2. Added “App Auto Archive”

A small feature of the iOS system is very useful, that is, when your storage space is insufficient, you can “uninstall” some programs to temporarily exchange space, and then automatically download it when you need it again (click). Unlike normal uninstallation, the documents and data after “uninstallation” are automatically retained, which means that when the system automatically downloads the previous application, it will still be the same as before the uninstallation.

Newly added “Archive Application”

In the latest version of Win10 Build 20206, a similar design also appears in “Applications” → “Applications and Functions” . This feature is called “Archive Application”. After it is turned on, the system will automatically uninstall some infrequently used programs (UWP version), but will not delete user data. When we click on the “archived” app again, Win10 will download the app directly from the app store and present it to you as it is. In this way, the system can achieve a balance between storage space and ease of use, and daily system operation is more efficient.

3. Added UWP version “Disk Management”

The new version of Win10 turns “Disk Management” into UWP mode, which can be opened via “System” → “Storage” → “Manage Disks and Volumes” . Compared with the old version, the new disk management has been very complete in terms of basic functions, including changing the drive letter, changing the volume label, partition formatting, Bitlocker, storage browsing, size adjustment (volume compression), and other conventional functions. Normal use, but a few advanced functions such as dynamic disk, MBR partition activation, etc. have not been added yet. In addition, the new version is not as intuitive as the old version, which also needs to be strengthened later.

New version of “Disk Management”

Compared with the old version, the old version is much better in terms of intuitiveness

4. More perfect sound settings

In addition to disk management, the sound panel is also more complete than the current version. For example, in the new version of “Settings”→”System”→”Sound”→”Manage Sound Devices”, users can directly select a device as the default value (such as setting the default communication device, default playback device, etc.), and the current version still Need to complete the setting under Win32 panel.

New version of sound settings

5. New GPU options

The multi-GPU strategy of the old version of Win10 has many limitations. One is to manually create a list, and the other is that the intelligent selection is unclear, which makes it difficult to know which graphics card is used. In the new version, these two issues have been significantly improved. One is that the system can automatically list all installed programs (including desktop applications and UWP applications), saving users the trouble of creating their own lists. The second is that the smart choice adds the graphics card label. Whether you are using an energy-saving graphics card or the RTX 2060, which has cost you a few months, can be seen at a glance here.

New version of multi-GPU selection panel

6. New touch keyboard

The new version joins the touch keyboard previously unveiled in Win10X. Compared with the current version, the new keyboard is larger in size and more suitable for touch. The most important thing is that the new keyboard contains some special input functions, such as Emoji expressions, dynamic GIF images, text expressions, clipboard content, etc. In addition, you can also search for the content you need.

New version of touch keyboard

to sum up

Overall, the changes in this version of Win10 are quite obvious. In addition to the above, there are also a new version of the start menu, voice input (Win+H), and a new volume adjustment panel. At present, Microsoft has confirmed that Win10X will be postponed to 2021, so whether the new version of Win10 will receive more attention, we will wait and see!

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