NIN Update for MTN Users and Confirmation SMS

This information is for you if you’ve not received this sms since you’ve submitted your NIN.

NIN Confirmation SMS

NIN Confirmation SMS
NIN Confirmation SMS

Dear customer your SIM Registration Details have been updated and your NIN linked to your line 703******8. Thank you.

If you’ve not received the message from MTN, it means they’ve not worked on your submitted NIN.

MTN NIN update is now instantly. You can resubmit your NIN in two ways.

1. Dial *785#. Reply with 1 and input your NIN.

2. Log in to MTN app. You’ll see your NIN status if you’ve submitted it. If it’s showing verification is ongoing, click on it and resubmit your NIN.

Your NIN will be verified and linked to your number within 1-5minutes. You will receive the confirmation message that I stated above.

Note: Your NIN verification will fail if your names arrangement on NIN is different from the arrangement of names provided for your sim registration.

If names on your sim are; AJAYI CHUKWUDI MUSA, your NIN won’t be linked if the names arrangement is AJAYI MUSA CHUKWUDI. The solution is to go to your network customer service outlet to update the names on your sim.

Don’t use another person’s NIN else your NIN verification status will remain verification ongoing till it will be too late.

we shared this information, so that it won’t be too late before you’ll discover this information elsewhere.

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