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NJBet  Review and Registration | In this page, you are going to know if NJBet is legit or scam, how to create NJBet account, how to fund and withdraw from your NJBet account, how to login into your NJBet Account. – NJBet Review – NJBet Sign Up: CLICK HERE


What is NJBet ?

NJBet is a sports investment company headquartered in Poland (Possibly lie). It was launched 13th of January, 2023.

About NJBet ?

The truth about this NJBet is that it is a replicant of 86FB & 86W. This investment website was launched 13th of January, 2023 and from the look of things, it is new and may fold up anytime because any investment like this, from the previous investment launched in Nigeria usually folds up after six months. Be warned that you may lose your money if not careful as such business fold up anytime or anyday.


According to NJBet, “Our platform has been designed from the ground up to be tailored to the unique form of betting and settlement offered by the blockchain. Follow these simple steps and make profits! Our platform has been designed from the ground up to be tailored to the unique form of betting and settlement offered by the blockchain. Follow these simple steps and make profits! Our platform has been designed from the ground up to be tailored to the unique form of betting and settlement offered by the blockchain. Follow these simple steps and make profits! Our platform has been designed from the ground up to be tailored to the unique form of betting and settlement offered by the blockchain. Follow these simple steps and make profits!”


NJBet Review: is NJBet legit or scam

According to my finding, research and investigation from people who are using the platform and I found scam record on NJBet already, but be wise ! Don’t waste time in removing your capital, don’t be greedy.

In case, you’ve been seeing people making money from this platform (NJBet ) again and you want to invest in it too. — Please Do it at your own risk (Don’t invest more than you plan to loose)

NOTE: I am not a financial advisor

NJBet Before

If One is patience, in just 3 Months, your N5000 investment and continues using their Prediction for that 3 months can grow to N10,000,000 where you can earn minimum of N300,000 daily.

So patience is the key here if you really want to be liberated economically within 1 year using this opportunity.

When you leave your money alone on the platform, it will keep increasing on a daily basis with some percentage.

NJBet .com Sign Up – NJBet Sign Up

Before I go further on how to register on NJBet let me first use the next paragraph to explain how NJBet work for you. – NJBet Sign Up 

How is NJBet Work?

1. NJBet operates with the principle of hedge fund, a reverse score system that is about 98% correct in winnings. In local parlance I like to say that the platform is a board man.A boardman makes money from commissions and others like withdrawals as well (every withdrawal you make attracts a 5-8% FEES ).

Also, in this case the platform makes money mostly from rebates.
We have mostly seen how amazing rebates can increase your daily earnings, even more that your earnings from your personal investments.

2. NJBet is the first of it’s kind, hence, it will be there as long as football is being played. (IF YOU CAN TRADE CRYPTOCURRENCY, YOU CAN TRADE FOOTBALL. IN AS MUCH AS CRYPTO AND FOREX EXIST, NJBet EXIST).

3. NJBet is an investment and not a gambling platform as the difference between investment and gambling is the level of risk. In NJBet analysts are working together to come up with most probable outcome. Considering the lowest possible risk.


And in gambling you lose funds when your options does not play, here your funds are secured. So NJBet is an investment and not a gamble.

4. What is a Ponzi scheme? A Ponzi scheme is a scheme where Peter is robbed to pay Paul.

What that means is that such a system waits for Peter to bring his money, then use it to pay Paul as a bonus FOR EXAMPLE, DURING THE DAYS OF MMM day PETER WILL BE MERGED TO PAY PAUL VISE-VERSA. That virtual circle continues until you have a pyramid…a triangle shape built by people.

Another way is that such a system crashes as soon as members begin to pull away their investment.  IN NJBet OVER N800 MILLION WITHDRAWAL ARE BEEN MADE DAILY. MEANING THERE ARE ENOUGH FUND TO PAY EVERYBODY’S WALLET ANYTIME, ANYDAY.

SEE HOW: I am Making ₦5000 ($10) Daily with Just My One Time Payment of ₦1000 ($2) RECOMMENDED: CLICK HERE to Start Now!!!  DON’T MISS THIS

NJBet is backed by the IFC group IFC is a sub of world bank and assists growing businesses and ideas in developing countries.

What does this mean. It means your investment is secured on a solid foundation.

Your income is not solely depended on another man investment but outcome of real time football games, this is almost 99% correct out of 100games. Which means your losing rate is inconsequential.

As long as football games are played NJBet is in business, and you the investor is also in business.

Therefore in combination of answer to no 2 we can all see that NJBet is not a Ponzi scheme but an investment purely dependent on out one of the football games.

As long as football games are played NJBet is in business, and you the investor is also in business.

NJBet Registration – How to Create NJBet Account

To create a new NJBet account, just follow this simple step below

1. GOTO the NJBet registration portal “CLICK HERE”  to go to the portal.

You will see a page that look like this one below

2. Choose a username for yourself (your username must include number)

3. Give yourself a secure password (your password must include number)

4. In the next box, leave it as it is (leave the number as it is)

5. Select your country code on the drop down button, the entire phone number.

6. Click on “Register”

That is all! Congratulations to you, you’ve successfully create your own NJBet account.

NOTE: Make sure you write down your login details and your Withdrawal password too. JOIN ME ON TELEGRAM HERE

NJBet Invitation username: COKERHOPE


Do you have a question? Then Chat me Up on WhatsApp: +2348148683642


NJBet Login – How to Login to NJBet Account

To sign into your NJBet account, just follow the three step below

1. GOTO the NJBet Account Login page.

2. Enter your NJBet username

3. Enter your password

4. Click on “Login“

OR use the complaint centre to complain to the customer service.

Do you Lost Your NJBet Password? Then, CHECK HERE to see the Guide to recover back your password.

That’s all!

NJBet Vs 86w – Difference Between NJBet and 86z?

NJBET football investment platform is an upgrade version of 86W football investment platform. There’s no much different in the two platform.

How to fund your NJBet Account – NJBet Deposit

1. To fund your NJBet account, click on your profile “Me”

2. Click on “Deposit“

3. Select deposit with USDT or Bank Card


How to Deposit to NJBet Using USDT

If you are depositing using USDT, then

1. Select USDT and the amount of USDT you are funding you are account with

2. Click on “Confirm recharge”

3. Then transfer the USDT to the USDT address shown on your screen.

Within few minutes, you will see your money in your NJBet wallet.


NOTE: if you are transferring USDT from Crypto’s Exchanges such as Binance, make sure you select the (USDT TRC20) but if you are transferring from Crypto’s wallet such as Trust Wallet, then make sure you have at least $1 TRX (Tron) on your wallet to pay for the transaction fee.

Where to Buy USDT for Your 86z Deposit

You can buy USDT in any Cryptocurrency exchanges or buy from friends. But I recommend buying from Cryptocurrency Exchanges such as;

1. Buy from Binance Crypto Exchange

2. Buy from WhiteBIT Exchange

All you need to do is to create an account on the Exchange, do your KYC and continue buying any Crypto’s of your choice from the Exchange because they are safe to use.

After you’ve buy your USDT from Binance or WhiteBIT Exchange, then transfer the USDT from there to your NJBET Account.

That’s all.


How to Deposit to NJBet Using Bank

1.Select bank and then enter the amount you want to deposit

2. Click on “Confirm recharge”

Send the money into the account number you see on your screen.

Within few minutes, you will see your money in your NJBet wallet.


How to Use NJBet Prediction

This is one of the reason why people rush into NJBet platform, because when you use their prediction and you lost the game, the company will refund your money back to you. But if you win, then all the money belong to you.

Now, to use the NJBet prediction, just follow the instructions below

1. Best advice, join my WhatsApp Group

Abandon this from number 2 to 4 👇

2. Click on the tournament you want to predict on (premier league, championship etc)

3. Check the team you want and theit profit etc,

4. Click on “Place a b£t”

Don’t worry, if you loose the game, they will return your money back to you. But if you place a b£t with your own knowledge, and you loose, then your money is gone.


How to Withdraw from NJBet

Before you will be able to withdraw on NJBet platform, you need to bound your trc20 wallet address with it.

Now, click on your profile “Me”

2. Click on “Withdraw“

3. Click on “Ok” to add your withdrawing details

4. Select either “Add bank card” or “USDT” trc20

5. Fill in your details and save

After you’ve add your payment method into your NJBet account

1. Now click on “Withdraw”

2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw

3. Click “Withdraw Now”




That’s all! Within few minutes you will see your money on your TRC20 wallet.


More on How NJBet Work?



*Minimum investment is 3000 naira*
*Maximum investment is 10 million*

*There is a 5% withdrawal fee on every withdrawal you make, and maximum 3 withdrawals daily*

*So the way we play it is not cumbersome. You only follow the exact instructions and* *scoreline given by the team admin, and at the end of each match, your profit appears on your dashboard.*

NJBet works with reverse algorithm, that is, we predict a scoreline that can not happen, that guarantees our win.*

If the scoreline we choose is what the game actually ends in, it means we have lost, and your* *capital that you played with would be reversed back to your wallet, instead of losing your money.* *_So it’s a total win win situation

Our project is to buy the scores of football matches. Normal purchase is to buy the scores of the match results. We are reverse* *purchases, that is, as long as it is different from the match results, we make money.

NJBet was created 13th January, 2023, by Nigerian person.

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