Nokia seeks enforcement ban: banning Lenovo from selling certain products in Germany

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According to reports, Nokia announced today that it is seeking to enforce an injunction previously issued by the Munich court to prohibit Lenovo from selling certain computers and tablets in Germany .

On September 30 this year, a court in Munich, Germany issued an injunction to prevent Lenovo from selling any products that use Nokia’s so-called “H.264” technology.

Nokia said in an e-mail statement today that the company has sought to enforce this court ruling covering PCs, laptops and tablets.

Currently, the video coding patent (H.264 technology) infringement dispute between Nokia and Lenovo has expanded to global markets, including Germany, the United States, Brazil and India.

In Germany, Nokia claimed that Lenovo infringed its 6 patents related to the “International Telecommunication Union H.264 Advanced Video Coding Standard.” In July this year, the Mannheim District Court rejected one of the six lawsuits filed by Nokia, and Lenovo won its first victory.

However, at the end of September, the Munich District Court ruled that Lenovo infringed Nokia’s EP 14 33 316 patent and issued an injunction, as well as product recalls and damages. A few days later, Lenovo filed an appeal with the Munich Higher District Court.

In the United States, the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) stated in early August that in response to a patent infringement complaint filed by Nokia, ITC will investigate some computers, tablets and their components produced by Lenovo.

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