North Korean Production Technologies Only Used in Their Country

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North Korea is one of the countries that “closed” with other countries, and even the relationship is not good with its allied country, South Korea.As one of the countries that until now has tended to close itself to other countries, the advanced technology you are using today cannot be found in North Korea. Instead, they actually developed their own technology to meet the needs and development of science and technology in North Korea.

7 North Korean Production Technologies Only Used in Their Country

So, what technologies have they developed themselves and only used in North Korea? Here’s the list.

Arirang’s smartphone

Arirangs Smartphone
Arirang’s Smartphone

North Korea actually makes its own smartphone, which is named Arirang. Arirang is a product of North Korean society and is North Korea’s first attempt to make its own smartphone.

Arirang himself was announced in 2013, and even officially received direct support from President Kim Jong-Un. Even so, the existence of this smartphone is still questionable, considering that in North Korea there is no internet service, and even the only communication provider is Koryolink.

The shape of this smartphone is similar to Uniscope, a smartphone from China, and is even suspected of having received support from China, thus creating Arirang.

Red Star OS

Red Star Os
Red Star Os

If most computer users currently use Windows, Linux, or Mac, it is different from North Korean people who are accustomed to OS Red Star.

Red Star OS is an official computer operating system that you can use in North Korea. Red Star OS is actually a modification of Linux, whose appearance is made similar to Mac OS X. In Red Star OS, there is a browser called Naenara which can only be used to access the internet and certain websites.

Red Star OS is also considered safe and difficult to hack because if someone tries to retrieve data, the computer will automatically reboot and become unusable.

Samjiyon tablets

Samjiyon Tablets
Samjiyon Tablets

If we first discussed North Korean-made smartphones, now we turn to Samjiyon, which is a North Korean-made tablet that was launched in 2012.

Just like Arirang, Samjiyon also has a browser that can only be used to access the internet on a limited basis. This tablet is also equipped with a TV feature that can display official television shows in North Korea.

In this tablet, there are also several games such as translated Angry Birds, and several Chinese war games. In addition, there are also online book applications that can be used as learning media.


Kwangmyonsong 1
Kwangmyonsong 1

Kwangmyonsong-1 is the name of the first North Korean satellite, launched in 1998, which means “bright star”.

However, the existence of this satellite is still a mystery to this day, because North Korea claims this satellite successfully orbited the earth in its orbit, but the US tracking station did not detect its existence.

It is very likely that this Chinese-made satellite flew too low in orbit, and eventually fell into the sea due to gravity.

Kwangmyong Intranet

Kwangmyong Intranet
Kwangmyong Intranet

As discussed in several previous points, North Korean people cannot access the internet globally, and instead, they use a few domains that are under direct government control.

They give the name Kwangmyong to the domain which is an “intranet” service, but it is only used in public facilities such as libraries, universities, and government organizations.

On the Kwangmyong intranet, there are approximately 5000 websites that the government directly controls, and a limited number of search engine, social media, and messaging services.

Manbang Streaming Service

Manbang Streaming Service
Manbang Streaming Service

You definitely know Netflix, right? So, Manbang Streaming Service can be considered the “Netflix” of North Korea, because the people there can enjoy streaming services with Manbang Streaming Service.

However, the difference is that Manbang Streaming Service gets more control when compared to regular television, and there are several English and Russian course programs.

Just like Netflix, Manbang Streaming Service can also be accessed by entering the keywords you want.

Hwasong-10 Missile

Hwasong 10 Missile
Hwasong 10 Missile

As many people assume to North Korea, they actually own and develop missile technology that is called the Hwasong-10 Missile.

The Hwasong-10 Missile was what ultimately raised the tension between the United States and North Korea because North Korea got it with the help of the Soviet Union from the early 90s.

However, the Hwasong-10 Missile failed, even though it ultimately angered the United States because of North Korea’s claim that the Hwasong-10 Missile could reach the territory of the United States of America.

Those are 7 technologies developed and only used in North Korea. Even though North Korea is a closed country with the civilization of the surrounding countries, it turns out that it has technology that is no less cool!
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