Npower Guidelines: Download & Upload PPA Acceptance/Deployment Letter Batch C 2023 print

Npower Guidelines: Download & Upload PPA Acceptance/Deployment Letter Batch C 2021 print

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Here is a quick guide on how you can easily login to Npower NASIMS portal and download the Npower Batch C PPA Deployment Letter.

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N-Power physical verification will commence on the 10th of September

Right now the deployment letter is now available for download for those who have been cleared to be Deployed by Npower NASIMS Team.

You are to login to the portal with your username and password and have the PPA Deployment Letter downloaded in hard copy.

You might ask “can I download the PPA Deployment Letter with my phone?” The answer is yes you can download it and also view it but its best for you to download it with a device that is connected to a printer because at the end of the day you need to get it printed.

So proceed to cyber cafe for printing if you don’t have a printer at home and remember to print it in colour format.

Successful Beneficiaries that has been cleared should not delay rather they are expected to resume work as soon as possible, although they are given 3 days to adequately prepare.

On resumption, successful Beneficiaries will be assigned to a supervisor that will appraise them on a monthly basis.

You are to report to your supervisor from time to time and if you face any challenges in your place of primary assignment you should report back to him or her.

How to download Npower PPA deployment letter

Here is the step to download your Npower PPA letter:

  1. Go to NASIMS portal (
  • Login to your dashboard with your email address and password.
  • Click on ‘Deployment’ tab to view your N-power deployment details.
  • IF DEPLOYED, you will see a message that reads:

“We have verified your details and your application has been deemed successful. Please check below for your posting details“.

IF NOT DEPLOYED, the message will read;

“You have not being deployed yet. Please check back for the deployment information after deployment date has been set“.
Npower PPA letter sample

Npower Guidelines: Download & Upload PPA Acceptance/Deployment Letter Batch C 2023 print

Veiw the deployment letter below:

Npower deployment letter sample

How to Upload Npower Acceptance Letter on the NASIMS portal

If you are able to upload your NPower acceptance letter, that’s when you will be verified by Npower team and your funds will start coming in, in the next 30 days or thereafter.

Let’s show you how to quickly upload your N-Power acceptance letter successfully after you must have downloaded it.

You have to log in to the NASIMS NPower portal with your username and password.Npower Guidelines: Download & Upload PPA Acceptance/Deployment Letter Batch C 2023 print

you should  be directed to the  N-power dashboard. when it opened you will see the screening, verification, and deploymentNpower Guidelines: Download & Upload PPA Acceptance/Deployment Letter Batch C 2023 print

You now have to click on the deployment and it will opened just exactly like in the screenshot below

When it does opens, then click on the download pdf letterNpower Guidelines: Download & Upload PPA Acceptance/Deployment Letter Batch C 2023 print

then enter your BVN number and account number and click submit

What you should know

The N-Power scheme is a brain idea of the Nigerian Federal Government, it came into existence on June 8, 2016,

The NPower programme existed under the National Social Investment Programme and its seen as a component even till date.

The NPower programme provide a framework for large scale skill acquisition and it’s design to ensure that participants get to learns skills quickly as possible that will help them get empowered, create jobs or boast their chances of being employed.

Selection process for this batch actually started late March for various categories of the programme.

It’s been reported that over 500,000 eligible Nigerians will be handed over PPA Deployment Letter at the end of the selection process.

Not yet done, the Government says they will do everything within their power to expand the N-Power beneficiaries by more 500,000 to sum up 1 million. Indeed this is massive.

Recall that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, has launched a new portal.

All activities such as payment, download of Npower PPA Deployment Letter and handling of payments will now be done through the NASIMS portal.

If you run into any issue, then please forward your complaint to
+234(0)1888501 1 or email [email protected].”


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