OPPO Reno11: high-resolution lens module, Dimensity 8200 / Snapdragon 8 + dual version

It was reported on November 10 that blogger @WHYLAB shared a set of new phone appearances, which are said to be from OPPO Reno11 official renderings.

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▲ Picture source blogger @WHYLAB 

Judging from the picture, OPPO Reno11 will adopt a curved body design, the lens module will adopt an oblong design, and the three lenses will be arranged asymmetrically , making it highly recognizable. The exposed model uses green and white colors, and the body panel has a good texture and is expected to have undergone special processing.

Blogger @digitalchatstation broke the news that OPPO Reno11 will be equipped with Dimensity 8200 processor, and Reno11 Pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 8+ processor and 1.5K curved screen. All OPPO Reno11/Pro series are equipped with IMX709 2X upright telephoto without periscope.

In addition, according to blogger @panda very boldly broke the news, OPPO Reno11 series and Honor 100 series mobile phones will be released on November 23, competing in the same price range in the 2-3k mid-range price range.

At present, OPPO has not officially announced the configuration information and release time of the new Reno11 series. Naijatechnews will continue to pay attention and bring the latest reports.


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