Population Zero: New Survival MMO

Population Zero: New Survival MMO
Population Zero: New Survival MMO

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«Fresh meat» for MMO lovers. Population Zero – survival game that was launched on Steam on May 5. The game is about surviving in a threatening world full of aliens. Here you have to stay alive and combat the time.

Let’s get down to the game, Population Zero differs from MMO of that kind by having a specific and plain goal. You have just 168 hours which equals 7 days to successfully (or not) complete the campaign.

How does it work?

· The game starts from a single-player tutorial called Drop Zone, which is the first stage of the campaign.

· You have 7 days on the planet – Kepler- or 168 hours to explore an area and battle aliens.

· Population Zero allows you to get into its rhythm: building, crafting –choose for yourself.

· Your time 168 hours to get acquainted with the planet, reach the goal, and battle other players or even aliens.

· During the game you gain experience to open «fresh» opportunities, techniques, modes, etc.

· Your experience and other rewards depend on your progress during the game, though you get it both when you win or lose.

· Player`s account level is used to join a new session.

Apart from being a game with a clear goal, Population Zero presents a great combination of survival and narrative mechanics creating engaging stories. Time constraint adds additional safety as well as making a lot of experiments possible. Players have an opportunity to test new mechanics and get further rewards. To stay alive the player has to complete several game cycles and fix power generation elements. Only 4 ways of ending the game:

· Reach the goal and keep yourself alive

· Loose the game fails the time

· Die when being an alien: turn into an enemy and then eventually die, the session will end because of the first death as a monster.

· Purposely end the game

Add Population Zero to the wishlist if interested.


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