Quickteller Loan USSD Code to Get a Substantial Money

Quickteller loan used code


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Quickteller loan used code

To a Nigerian, Quickteller should no longer sound like a foreign word as it is something we do come by every now and then in most of the things we do online every day which involves buying and selling. Quickteller is the Nigerian biggest online transaction processor.

It helps in sorting out a wide range of transactions while using just your Android phone or personal computer.

Quickteller has introduced a short-term loan designed to grant Nigerians quick cash to meet their immediate needs without the stress of paperwork or any collateral required.

Getting a loan doesn’t require any paperwork or collateral, but can be done using your internet enable and non-internet enabled mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Their loan offer is not for those who need a big loan up to 500,000 and above, but for those who need a small amount of money to meet their immediate needs and willing to pay back within 2 weeks (14 days).

Quickteller offers small loans ranging from N1000 – N10,000. Once you are eligible, it will be credited to your bank account in less than 30 minutes.

You can get;

  • N1,000 to pay N1, 150
  • N2,500 to pay back N2,875
  • N5,000 to pay back N5,750
  • N10,000 to pay back N11,500

In as much as you can receive a collateral-free loan, you must give the platform the right to access your bank for your profile details and to view transaction history to know your financial capabilities.

USSD Code to Request for a Loan on Quickteller
Simply dial *322*6# and follow the prompt to begin your journey to get a loan from Quickteller.

If you’ve gotten a loan from them before, please share your experience with us via the comment box.


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