Razer released a mouse pad specially designed for gaming players: priced at $72

Razer recently launched a new product specifically designed for e-sports players, called the Razer Acari gaming mouse pad. The official price of this computer accessory is $72.

Razer describes the product as “fast and smooth sliding, designed for users who want to bring speed and smooth sliding. The mouse pad has an ultra-low friction hard surface, and the large size ensures that the mouse will not be free during use. Movement creates any obstacles.

The cushion is made of four layers and feels very comfortable. The mouse pad contains a layer of oil-resistant coating, a layer of ultraviolet active nanobead surface, a polycarbonate middle layer and a textured rubber non-slip bottom surface. The excellent texture can help the mouse accurately track, and the rubber base layer can provide non-slip. Moreover, the thin design is comfortable and flat.

The size of the mouse pad is 420×320 mm, which is larger than an ordinary medium-sized gaming mouse pad. It is about 1.75 mm thick and comes with a 1-year warranty.