Reality Vpn Apk for Android phones

Reality Vpn 6.7 apk is out and is working fast on Android phones. It is a mod Tweakware which has Premium like servers with no ads.The vpn app interface is now blue in color, which makes it a little bit different from Tweakware.

Its has up to 30 servers embedded, which is automatically selected when you connect.

In reality vpn there are list of built in tweaks that you can choose from, based on your preferred network.

The main purpose of moding this vpn, is to stabilize and maintain the speed of each server.

Download Reality Vpn

 Reality VPN 6.7 Apk

Older Version

Reality VPN 6.4 Apk

How To Install Reality Vpn

Step 1: Uninstall Tweakware VPN.

Step 2: Install Reality And Continue with the Settings below.

What Can Reality Vpn Apk Do? (FAQ)

– It hides your real IP address.

– Your connection is secured.

– It unblocked firewall of your network provider.

– All servers are fast to connect and can access any website.

– It has custom settings with connection mode like Http, TCP, Https with port.

– And it detects network connection fast.

– You can export and import tweaks (custom settings).

Can Reality Vpn Stream YouTube And Facebook Videos?

Yes, it can, so far your data connection is in 3G/4G and is fast.

In Reality Vpn, Can I Select And Use The Premium Servers below the free ones?

For now you can’t, because I am unable to mod that section, but the free servers now works like the premium ones.

What’s New In Reality VPN

– Bug fixes

– Auto Server selection

– Unlimited Bandwidth

– Connects and reconnects Faster.

– New User interface.

– No ads.

Custom Settings For Reality Vpn (With Glo Network).

Step 1: Goto Settings.

Step 2: Click on “custom tweak“.

Step 3: In “Selection Mode ” select http.

Step 4: Server Port is “80” or “8080“.

Step 5: look for a working proxy server and put it in Host Header, in my case I use “” other types are: and

Step 5: “Select header line type” choose single.

Step 6: Tick “Reverse Proxy“.

Step 7: Proxy Host again add “”.

Step 8: In Proxy Port add “8080” or “80”.

Step 9: Come back to the app main menu from drop down list of tweaks change none to custom of you can directly choose from list of available in app tweaks.

Step 10: Click Connect button.

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