Realme unveils 240W charging technology, to debut with Realme GT Neo 5

Realme claims it used a three-way 100W charge pump parallel design, 20V 12A input, and 10V 24A output to reach 98.5 percent charging conversion efficiency. The company custom-made a 12A charging cable with 21AWG thickened copper wires, which increased current carrying capacity by 20 percent over the previous generation charging solution.


The Realme 240W dual GaN charging solution includes 13 temperature sensors, a PS3 fireproof design, a real-time safety monitoring system, and 6580 mm2 graphene phase-change cooling material. Realme claims 1,600 charging cycles with this 240W fast charging solution. Furthermore, after 21 days of charging and discharging, there was no safety failure with the test phone at 85°C high temperature and 85 percent high humidity.

OPPO 240W fast charging

Previously, OPPO showcased the power of its 240W charger technology in full glory, taking an almost entirely drained phone to 100 percent in just 9 minutes. Apart from OPPO, Xioami also ships a 210W fast charger with its Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition, claiming it would only take 9 minutes to charge the phone at 100 percent capacity. However, the results were slightly behind the claimed mark in the real-world test.