Remote for Mac/Windows Pro is open for free

What I recommend to you today is a software Remote for Mac/Windows Pro that has just been waived. Seeing this name, many friends must already know its function-remote control, but as a remote control software, its function is far beyond this. So, what are its advantages and what is the experience?

Today I make a minimalist experience from the perspective of a Windows notebook user.


Interface appearance

There is a free basic version of this product, but it cannot be compared with the Pro version in terms of functionality or experience. Frequent advertisements and the lack of most functions make this basic version not worth downloading at all.

The Pro version after the ads are cleared, in addition to a more concise appearance, the developer also brings users very careful customization options, such as the touch intensity of the click, the app icon, the color of the UI and the background, and you can also customize Set wallpaper and more. These functions are not available in the basic version. Large-scale user customization is rare in remote control software.

What are the functions? The developer provides users with more detailed instructions: On Mac/PC, go to the designated webpage to download the software and install the assistant application, then connect the iPhone/iPad and Mac/PC to the same network.

After completing the above steps, users can discover the connected devices. After checking the small box on the left, the corresponding computer equipment will also appear on the App.

Click the device icon on the App, you can see four main function options, namely “key”, “input”, “application” and “more”.

“Key” is a key interface similar to a small keyboard. There are seven keys including “Up, Down, Left, Right” and Esc, Space and Enter.

“Input” is a combination of keyboard and mouse. In addition to a large slidable “mouse” position, there are also left and right buttons that simulate a mouse at the bottom, and the long bar on the right is a wheel that simulates a sliding page. There are also commonly used Windows notebook function buttons such as ctrl, tab, and alt. The user can also call out the keyboard to type directly, and the typed words can be directly reflected on the computer screen.

The “input” interface also has a very amazing function. Click the computer icon above, and the notebook interface can be directly reflected in the App in real time. Users can directly view the laptop screen in real time on the iPhone or iPad.

“Application” allows users to control the software on the computer side directly on the phone. In addition to starting the software, it can also be closed, minimized, full screen, forced to exit, etc.

“More” functions are more abundant, including logout, restart, shutdown, lock the computer, sleep, switch the display, etc.

Use experience Its biggest and most basic use must be remote control. After using it for a short period of time, I feel that the connection of Remote For Mac/Windows Pro is very stable. In the connected state, even if the iPhone or iPad is switched to other applications, it will continue to connect, and the experience of this item is full.

In addition, as the App developer said, it can help control media playback when you are lying in bed, and choose to remotely turn off the screen or directly turn off the computer when you are away from the computer; the iPhone can also become the “second screen” of your computer. , In addition to controlling the switch of the computer application, it can also be used as a mouse in an emergency.

In addition to these, with the “real-time view” function, if you suddenly think that a manuscript has not been finished yet, you can continue to complete the creation directly on your phone without having to pick up the computer.

In addition, almost all operations in this App can be integrated into Siri shortcut commands. If you want to control computer media remotely, you only need to say a command to Siri, even eliminating the need to tap the phone.

The above-mentioned functions may be the greatest boon for “lazy people.”

There are many uses for this App. Developers provide users with one-click opening of some apps and control of media playback functions , such as YouTube and NetFlix, etc.; users can also customize new projects and create their own required functions, which is very playable.

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