Renault to launch new Twingo electric car in 2026, priced under £17,000

Groupe Renault announced that it will launch the new Twingo electric car in 2026. This is an efficient and environmentally friendly small car designed for urban travel, with a price of less than 17,000 pounds. This new car will be one of seven electric cars launched by Renault in the European market, and is also an important product of the newly established Ampere electric car company under the Renault Group.

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Luca de Meo, president of Groupe Renault, called the new Twingo “a recipe for sustainable mobility” and said it was key to the company’s goal of achieving price parity between electric vehicles and gasoline-powered vehicles. He also revealed that the brand may develop the car with external partners.

It is reported that the production cost of the new Twingo will be 50% lower than that of the C-class SUV, thanks to the reduction of materials and the optimization of the software-driven platform, which will reduce the use of parts and materials.

The design style of the new Twingo also continues Renault’s retro style, echoing models such as Mégane E-Tech, Scenic E-Tech, 5 and 4.

At present, Groupe Renault has only revealed some summary information about the new Twingo, calling it an “uncompromising urban vehicle” and claiming that it can achieve an amazing efficiency of 6.2 miles/kWh and that its monthly usage cost will be less than 100 euros.

In addition, Groupe Renault also took this opportunity to officially launch Ampere, a new independent company affiliated with Groupe Renault. The company, established on November 1, will design, manufacture and sell electric vehicles in Europe, but the models will still use the Renault brand. The company will have about 35,000 employees.

One of Ampere’s priorities is to achieve price parity between electric and combustion vehicles, and the company will focus on B- and C-segment models, using two existing Groupe Renault electric vehicle platforms. B-segment models such as the 5, 4 and Twingo will use the Ampr Small (formerly known as CMF-BEV) architecture, and C-segment models such as the Mégane and Scenic will use the Ampr Medium (formerly known as CMF-EV).


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