Reviewing “Forge of Empires” (2023)

Reviewing “Forge of Empires”

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This is another strategy and economy browser game that combines so many historical displays through its world and its story.

“Forge of Empires” gaming experience:

While playing this game, you get to build your civilization and evolve, managing your assets, collecting new ones in wars against your neighbors, and constructing all kinds of structures that would assist you all along your journey from the day you build them, starting from prehistoric ages in the introductory phase and developing through quests until you reach a highly advanced technology age even beyond our present era. And all of this is part of a simulated Life world.

The first thing you’ll find yourself doing once you start the game since the tutorial tasks that introduce the game is developing your initial city. Since the beginning, they give you the chance to found so many different structures on the land they give every player as a start. You’ll be ultimately developing your technology and conducting as much researches as you wish for as long as you’re following the rhythm from an era to another and not coming out of the context. Overall, you’ll be seeing 7 different during your whole gaming experience. We’re listing them below:

-Buildings for residence; they’ll supply you with game currency and workforce for other constructions.

-Supply buildings; they produce anything you’ll be trading with your neighbors such as drinks, ornaments, minerals, fabric, and much more. The production rate here will be depending on how much you upgrade your building.

-Buildings for troops: This one will enable you to enlarge and reinforce your army every time by engaging new recruits and training them. Just know that training different troops of different ages isn’t the same in terms of schedule.

-Buildings for culture; we know so many of you will be happy to see a developer at last thinking of integrating the cultural concept to his virtual world. Well, we finally see it this time, and it was given a pretty crucial role just like the one it does in real life, rising the mood of the human resources, providing them with more energy and motivation to work on developing their empire.

– Buildings for decoration; they’re a little similar to the previous ones only with fewer superficies thus easier to construct.

– “Special Buildings”; this is what we call the constructions earned by the player in special events or some specific quests, a fair amount of them will stay on your lands for the rest of the game.

One thing that makes it different from most strategy RPGs is that everything from the wealth and the properties to the state of your population has an influence on the growth of your empire.

Furthermore, there’s the military structure that allows you to train different units for different purposes ranging from defending the territory and assuring security to conquering nearby empires and engaging in battles with other players providing if you win, most of their lands and structures and resources.

You can also fight with your troops for a place on the podium in the “Expedition” league.

While combat, you have the choice either to let the algorithms decide automatically, or take full control into your hands displaying your command skills on each troop you took to the battle.

Economically speaking, the game features so many types of currency involving coins, medals, minerals, good old trading systems, diamonds for the best gamers out there, and so many other financial tools and exchange means.


Any strategy, economy, and battling games fan will definitely think Forge of Empires is worth investing your time and network. It is surely not for no reason that it reached the top ranks and great notoriety amongst all browser games, and a few of those reasons we can state are the sounds, the graphics, and the fascinating gameplay experience.


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