Rice Burner Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Rice Burner Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

If you love playing car games, then you can download Rice Burner Mod APK unlimited money and gold today! You can customize your car, character and enjoy street racing today!

Download Rice Burner Mod APK – Fun Car Game

There are many exciting games that you can play right now on your phone. There are all sorts of fun games that you can download and enjoy today if you’re into racing.

This is one of the most exciting games available in Google Play right now. If you’re someone who loves these games, then you can download so many of them today. One of the unique ones is Rice Burner from TonismoGames!

Rice Burner Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

In this game, you’re living in the year 2049, where the central government is run by an AI named Zero. Here, there is no gas, but you and your team decided to restore old cars.

You’ll then use rice to power up the cars where you can enjoy more than 150 cars to choose from. There are a lot of old-school racing cars that are fun and exciting to play here. You can enjoy so many cars to customize with as you can change different parts.

Unique Racing Game

If you’re into racing, then you can find so many available games right now. This is a beloved genre by many in the world right now. There are games under this genre that can instantly make your day better.

If you’re someone who loves playing these games, then you’ll find many of them available right now! With Rice Burner, you’re able to enjoy a fun game today where you can get into a unique game. You can build and customize your car and character here.

Rice Burner Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

This game is so interesting that you can have fun with old-school cars here. There are so many cars to choose from right now, as each of them gives off a different vibe.

You can have fun as you change the parts, customize the paint, rims, tires, and more. You’re free to customize your car however you want as well as your character! You can then get on to street racing as you drift and enjoy your ride today.

You can even walk around here as your character. Feel free to sprint, roll, jump, crouch, attack, defend, and action!

Rice Burner Highlights

If you’re serious about racing, you can get into Rice Burner today! Customize and enjoy the ride.

Rice Burner Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Enjoy classic racing – You can enjoy so many fun games to play right now in the car genre. You’ll have fun with many entertaining racing games today as they let you experience adrenaline-pumping scenes. You can enjoy many racing games right now, which are primarily free.

But if you’re getting tired of the same ones you see regularly, then you must dig a little deeper. Thankfully, there’s Rice Burner which is a unique racing game! This game is set in the future, but you can play with classic cars!

Rice Burner Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

There’s a shortage of gas in a dystopian future, and a computer runs the whole world. You and a few like-minded people started restoring old cars that run on rice so you can race!

Here, you can enjoy unlocking many fun cars to choose from, which are all classic. The best part is you can completely customize them to however you want. You can change the paint, engine, headlight, tires, and many more. You can also customize your character in this fun game!

150+ Cars to customize – In Rice Burner, you’re able to play with over 150+ cars. These are all based on real classic cars of the past, which you can enjoy here. Feel free to unlock them all and enjoy customizing them however you want. You can freely change the engine, transmission, body, paint, and many more parts.

You can also sell and buy new cars as you get more money. This is a fun game that lets you get down and dirty for cars. It will give you that nostalgic feeling that you’re looking for!

Rice Burner Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Unique characters – What’s interesting in this game is that you can enjoy unique characters! You’re free to customize your character to however you want to look here. You can select what character you want here, from the hair to the body.

That’s because you can walk outside your car, unlike other racing games. This one gives you the best 3D open-world experience today. Here, you’re able to customize everything!

Race and drift – Rice Burner also lets you race with other cars in the area. Feel free to drift using your car and enjoy complete controls. Here, you’re able to control the acceleration, brake, turn signal, and many more. There are many places you can get into here!

Download Rice Burner Mod APK – Obb

If you’re into racing, then you’ll enjoy Rice Burner! Customize and relive your glory days with this fun game.

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