Root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without Disabling OTA Updates

Today we are sharing a detailed guide on Root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without Disabling OTA Updates. Xiaomi MI A1 users recently received the new Android 8.0 Oreo update from Xiaomi. If you want to Root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without disabling OTA updates. Here we provide a detailed step by step guide to Root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without disabling OTA updates. The Mi A1 is one of the few devices to have been updated to Android Oreo and it has been a popular device, even amongst developers. With the help of Magisk Manager, you can easily Root Xiaomi Mi A1 without disabling OTA updates. Rooting has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In most of the rooting method, you need to install the Custom TWRP recovery and after that, you will not receive the OTA updates on your phone. But here we share a guide, by following this detailed guide you will easily Root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without Disabling OTA updates. Yes, its possible, just go ahead and follow the given guide.

All thanks to the XDA Senior Member jashancheema, who seems to have found a way to root the Xiaomi Mi A1, without disabling OTA updates. Remember that you will need to unlock the bootloader of MI A1 and run some ADB commands on your phone to install the Magisk root application. Once you unlock the bootloader of your phone. Download the below-mentioned files on your PC and Phone. This method will not delete any data on your phone and no need to install the Custom recovery on your Mi A1. If you want to Root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without disabling OTA updates then go ahead and follow the given steps.


AndroidBlog will not responsible for any damage occurred to your Xiaomi Mi A1 during or after the root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without disabling OTA updates.


  • Take a proper backup of all your important data like your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos and audio files on Xiaomi Mi A1 before starting the flashing process. It is recommended to keep everything safe and secured by syncing your files with your account.
  • A Windows-based PC will be required for this process to install the Xiaomi Mi A1 USB drivers and the Android SDK toolkit.
  • The bootloader of your phone should be unlocked, otherwise, you’ll not be able to Root Xiaomi Mi A1.
  • Enable USB Debugging option by navigating to Menu – Settings – Developer Options.
  • The battery level of your Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone should be at least about 70% to avoid unexpected shutdowns during installation.

Required Files:

Steps To Root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without disabling OTA updates:

1: Download a boot image from the download section above and extract the zip file to get the patched_boot.img image file.

2: Connect your Mi A1 to the PC with a USB cable.

3: Launch the ADB command interface. On Windows, you can do this by heading over to the adb folder and entering cmd in the address bar. On Linux or Mac, you can just launch a Terminal window.

4: If this is the first time you’ve connected your phone using ADB, you may be asked to allow USB debugging permissions on your phone. Allow it and then use the following command to reboot your phone in fastboot mode.

adb reboot bootloader

5: When your phone is connected in fastboot mode, unlock the bootloader with this command. You don’t need an unlock key since this is an Android One device. 

fastboot oem unlock

6: Disconnect and reboot your phone now. Then connect your phone to the PC and reboot in fastboot mode again.

7: Now boot the patched boot image using the following command.

fastboot boot pathtopatched_boot.img

Replace /path/to/ with the correct location of the patched_boot.img file on your PC. For instance, if the file is on your desktop, the command you should use would be:

fastboot boot C:UsersusernameDesktoppatched_boot.img

8: This will boot your device using the patched boot image. When your Mi A1 turns on, download and install the Magisk Manager APK.

9: Launch Magisk Manager and select INSTALL from the pop-up and then choose direct install to install Magisk.

Congrats! You have successfully rooted Xiaomi Mi A1 on Oreo without disabling OTA updates.


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