Russia plans to land a man on the moon between 2031 and 2040

Russia’s spacecraft manufacturer Energia Rocket and Space Company recently revealed that Russia is planning to send astronauts to the moon between 2031 and 2040, which will be the first in the country’s history. first. The company’s chief designer Vladimir Solovyov proposed a draft lunar exploration roadmap, which includes specific steps and goals for a manned lunar landing mission.

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The road map states that Russia plans to send astronauts to the moon between 2031 and 2040, and from 2041 to 2050 plans to build a lunar base, drill and excavation equipment, experimental mining and production complexes, and astrophysical observatories. Oxygen extraction and use, astrophysics, biomedical research, and the development of lunar resource production technologies are necessary. After 2050, lunar resources will be available for deep space exploration, and there will be fuel production and storage complexes, orbital assembly and supply equipment, and rare resource mining complexes. The road map also shows that the Russian rocket aviation industry will be committed to autonomous station landing on the moon before 2030, and develop transportation systems including super-heavy rockets, take-off and landing and cargo landing spacecraft.

 Naijatechnews  noticed that Russia’s lunar exploration plan is not all smooth sailing. In August this year, Russia’s Luna-25 probe deviated from its orbit and hit the lunar surface during its lunar landing mission, causing it to lose contact with the ground. Yuri Borisov, president of Roscosmos, expressed regret and called for learning from the failure and continuing to advance the lunar exploration plan.


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