SA: How to get free 1GB for 3 months on MTN with afrihost App

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Afrihost Mobile app

Afrihost Mobile has rebranded to Air Mobile, offering new prepaid data packages along with 1GB free monthly data.

Air Mobile runs on MTN’s mobile network and offers competitive prepaid data and voice bundles.

New customers who sign up for Air Mobile will receive 1GB free data every month for three months after downloading the Afrihost app.

Users must log in to the Afrihost app every month to claim their free mobile data. From the fourth month onwards, customers can continue to receive free 1GB data bundles if they spend at least R69 on mobile data per month.

Clients who sign up in time for the promotion will receive their free data every month until at least 30 September 2019.

Users with an MTN prepaid SIM card can sign up for Air Mobile using their mobile number and begin receiving 1GB free data every month.

Data and voice bundles

Air Mobile customers can purchase mobile data and voice bundles through the Afrihost app.

The mobile network offers data bundles of up to 5GB and voice bundles of up to 1,000 minutes.

Air Mobile data bundles last for 60 days, and customers can transfer data to other Air Mobile customers through the Afrihost app or claim your 1GB Hereclaim your 1GB Here

Below are the new data and voice bundles available on Air Mobile.

Bundle Price
Data Bundles
100MB R10
250MB R25
500MB R45
1GB R69
2GB R137
3GB R197
5GB R297
Voice Bundles
25 minutes R25
50 minutes R50
100 minutes R100
200 minutes R200
300 minutes R300
400 minutes R400
500 minutes R500
1,000 minutes R1,000

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