Samsung Cloud officially switching to Microsoft’s OneDrive

Samsung Cloud officially switching to Microsoft’s OneDrive

Earlier this year, Samsung announced they are shutting down Samsung cloud. The company soon sent out emails regarding the same, asking users to backup all their data. Starting today, Samsung Cloud is officially shutting down and making a switch to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage.

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Services like Gallery Sync and Drive Storage for My Files app by Samsung Cloud will no longer be supported. While your data will still be safe and available for download until June 2023, Samsung is urging users to make a switch to their new service provided by Microsoft’s OneDrive. All these functions will be carried by OneDrive. You can read all about the termination of Samsung Cloud here.

Samsung Galaxy devices already come with tons of Microsoft apps pre-installed including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more. OneDrive is yet another addition to this list. With the latest Samsung Cloud v4.6.00.12, you may no longer be able to upload any files to Samsung Cloud storage.

However, you can still download and transfer all of your data to OneDrive at the earliest. Your data will still be there, you can either take a backup or transfer to OneDrive. So if you still haven’t backed up your data, then get the latest Samsung Cloud v4.6.00.12 for easy migration.

Samsung Cloud officially switching to Microsoft’s OneDrive

Thanks to Twitter user Yash Agarwal for letting us know about the shutdown. As you can see in the screenshots above, Samsung Cloud v4.6.00.12 will provide you with a new interface to migrate to Onedrive.


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