Samsung Galaxy S21 review

There are more than enough numbers in the text (where can we go without them?). But we will back them up with a story about the capabilities of a smartphone. So a review of the specs on the Samsung Galaxy S21 is far more useful than watching enthusiastic videos on YouTube.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 specifications

Samsung is remembered by a 5-module camera with a laser. autofocus and S Pen.

This feature makes the phone a full-fledged substitute for a workstation: you can work with large databases, edit videos and even write letters by hand. More details – below in the text.

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date of release

Samsung  presented the phone in mid-January 21st year. It has been on sale since February. Pre-order is already underway.

Battery and charging

Insider feedback turned out to be true. The battery remains almost the same as before:

  • S21 – 4000 mAh. Enough for 1.5 days, and if you constantly sit in your mobile phone, for 10-12 hours;
  • S21 + – 4800 mAh (it became larger, because the 20 had 4500 mAh). If you use the phone continuously, 13-15 hours of charge are provided;
  • The S21 Ultra – 5000 mAh – is a monster in the world of batteries. With standard use (several hours of activity), it will last for 2 days, and for those who like to stick to the screen for a long time, it will give 15-17 hours of good work.

The mobile phone has super-fast trickle charging, which will “revive” the mobile phone up to 50% in just 15-20 minutes! Reverse charging is also available – just put headphones with wireless charging on the phone case, and after 10-20 minutes they are ready to use.

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The cameras have been nicely changed. The main indicators (megapixels and aperture) remained almost the same, but the manufacturer focused on improved data processing. This became possible thanks to the powerful stuffing and the advanced processor. The ultra device has a laser sight, which improves shooting of moving objects and isolates the foreground from the background.

The camera parameters on the rear panel in the Samsung C21 are as follows.

  • S21 and S21 + 3 modules. Key – 12 Mp, telemodule – 64 Mp, ultra-wide lens – 12 Mp.
  • The Ultra model has 5 modules, one of which is automatically focused using a laser. It’s comfortable:
  • improved main one hundred and eight megapixel sensor with an aperture of 1.8, ISOCELL Bright HM2 sensor will fix problems with autofocus and overexposure;
  • 10 megapixel TV camera (with 10x magnification) and with a sensitivity of 4.9;
  • a 10 megapixel TV camera (zooms in 3 times) and an aperture of 2.4;
  • ultra-wide 12 megapixels;
  • laser autofocus – for precise “concentration on the desired object.” You can turn away from the subject, and after the operator returns to the starting position, the phone itself will focus on the selected object.

The  smartphone has  4K video at a refresh rate of sixty frames per second (fps), and 8K at 30 fps.

The front camera will remain a “donut” at the top of the screen. Samsung has failed to integrate the selfie module into the display in this generation. Most likely, this feature will appear in the Galaxy S22. In terms of parameters, the camera remains the same as in the Galaxy S20:

  • the number of megapixels – 40;
  • aperture – 2.2;
  • lens – 26 mm, or 80 ° of view.

The front camera shoots in 4K at 60 fps. The camera feature updates in the new Samsung C21 will include small updates to improve the user experience.

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The main changes concern iron. It has become more powerful and sophisticated. The phone has become like a portable workstation and is able to replace the laptop and tablet.

  • Processor – Snapdragon888 (for America) and Exynos 2100 for Europe and Asia (the new product was presented simultaneously with the mobile phone).
  • RAM – 8 GBin “standard” smarts and 12/16 GB in the S21 Ultra. The requirements for the programs are growing, therefore, the power of the devices increases.
  • Built-in memory – from 128 GB, you can forget about the 64 GB TOP-segment. And future owners of Ultra-devices will be able to purchase a smart 512 GB. There is no place for micro-SD , so you need to take a mobile phone with a margin.
  • The presence of a 5G modem – and even if this network is not yet in Ukraine, the owner of a phone on vacation abroad will be able to test the ultra-fast mobile network (where downloading 1 GB takes a few seconds).
  • Wi-Fi 6 support is available for Ultra models only. Data transfer is even faster, you can stream 8-K.
  • Samsung DeX support – you just need to connect the phone to the monitor and the user gets a full-fledged workplace.
  • Ultra smartphones pair with S Pen – you can write handwritten text and draw notes with sketches.

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Samsung still focuses on large Dynamic AMOLED matrices. The S21 has phones with screens ranging from 6.2 “to 6.8” (Ultra). There are minimal changes here. Only the bending force of the monitor varies.

  • Dimensions (edit)
  • S21 – 6.2 ″;
  • S21 + – 6.7 ″;
  • S21 Ultra – 6.8 “.
  • Resolution – 3200 x 1400 px

Exactly the same as the S20.

  • Refresh rate – 120 Hz

This makes animations look smooth and lively. Hertsovka is determined by the phone – this saves the battery when reading e-books and correspondence.

Appearance of standard screens and menus

The menu is identical with the Galaxy S20 , since Samsung’s interface does not depend on the model, but on the version of the system. In the near future, smarts will catch up with the standards of the most current version of the Android OS.

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Price for Samsung Galaxy S21

You will have to pay solidly. The price varies between twenty seven and forty four thousand hryvnia. Fee for S21 up to UAH 29 thousand, S21 + up to ₴ 33.5 thousand, and S21 Ultra – within ₴ 44 thousand.

Improvements over the previous model Samsung Galaxy s20

Galaxy twenty-one is a classic representative of leading smarts. You will not have to wait for the sophistication of a folding display, but the new thing will clearly delight technology lovers. Let’s look at the comparison table:

Characteristic Was in the S20 line Became in the S21 series
Battery Volume – 4000 to 5000 mAh, in 500 mAh increments The “middle” model has a more powerful battery – instead of 4,500 mAh, it is now 4,800 mAh
Fast charging  at 25 W, the phone lives up to 50% in half an hour, completely in 2 hours. The charge has accelerated – the first 50% can be reached in 15-20 minutes
Main camera 3 lenses in the base model, and 4 in the ultra version. In the Ultra version, there are 2 modules with a physical zoom at once: 3 and 10 times.
The television camera  Ultra-phone  is present 10x optical zoom  
  The Ultra version has laser auto-focus – if you turn away from the object, and then turn to it again, the camera will find and focus on it
CPU Snapdragon 865, Exynos 990 Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100. The chipset has become more powerful, it can easily withstand any 3D games and editing “heavy” videos for another 2-3 years

As follows from the review, the Samsung C21 has the most powerful hardware that you can work with using a separate monitor . The difference in productivity in comparison with large sistemniks is not noticeable. A smart camera with 10x magnification will allow you to shoot even what is hundreds of meters away.


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