Samsung Galaxy S23 screen features revealed!

Samsung is getting ready for the launch of its new smartphone models next month. However, just a few days before the introduction, like every year, the features of the smartphones were made clear. The prices were visible this time as well. The Galaxy S23 screen features are listed below:

Samsung Galaxy S23 screen features


All variants in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU. There will be a significant difference in performance between it and its predecessor of 36 percent for the CPU, 48 percent for the GPU, and 60 percent for the NPU.

The performance change might not be the largest one, though. since it is well known that Samsung has made some significant screen-side enhancements. Both the image and feature quality have improved, particularly on the Dynamic AMOLED screen that is in use.

Source: Ahmed Qwaider

Galaxy S23 series leaked screen features:

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra : 6.8 inch 1-120hz QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED
  • Galaxy S23 Plus : 6.6 inch 24-120hz FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED
  • Galaxy S23 : 6.1 inch 24-120hz FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED

Note: There are rumors that the S23 and S23 Plus models can drop down to 10 Hz.

Only the S23 Ultra variant would be able to use 12 GB of RAM and one of three storage sizes, including 256 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB. The standard S23 and the S23 Plus will GET 8GB of RAM and 256GB or 512GB of storage. The 128GB variant, however, is no longer available. For a variety of reasons, it’s a wise decision.

Galaxy S23 series leaked prices :

  • S23 Ultra: $1199
  • S23 Plus: $ 899
  • S23 : $799

The Plus version will have a 4700mAh battery whereas the normal edition will only have a 3900mAh battery. Both devices will be capable of 25W fast charging. Because Samsung hasn’t added rapid charging capabilities to its smartphones 6 years ago since the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7.