Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite exposure

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According to foreign media Gadgets360, the low-cost version of Samsung’s folding screen mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite, may be released next year. According to Twitter blogger Ross Young, the new mobile phone may use ultra-thin glass panel (UTG). There have been rumors that Samsung is working on developing UTG flexible glass to reduce production costs.

Samsung’s first-generation folding screen mobile phone uses a polymer resin screen, which can easily cause scratches when folded inward; subsequent versions use flexible glass, which greatly improves durability. Once Samsung overcomes cheap and ultra-thin glass technology, folding screen phones will truly move from concept phones to practical .

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite exposure

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite exposure

▲Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Naijatechnews understands that Samsung currently has two folding screen phones on sale. Galaxy Z Flip starts at ¥7999 and Galaxy Fold 2 starts at ¥16,999. Both products have 5G versions and use Snapdragon 865 + processors, which are more expensive. . If the new Lite version can significantly reduce the price, when ordinary consumers buy the machine, folding screen phones will be taken into consideration.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite exposure

▲Samsung Galaxy Fold2 | Picture from Samsung’s official website

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