Samsung One UI 3.0 has been pushed out


Samsung Galaxy S20 series has opened the first internal test of One UI 3.0. The official first batch of only 3,000 internal test places has been scrambled.

According to feedback from Gallus community netizens, the lock screen animation of Beta1 of One UI 3.0 system beta is smoother than before, and the fingerprint icon is different. It supports the lock screen fingerprint icon is always on, the lock screen password keyboard is redone, and the overall style feels a bit Like iOS style .

In addition, the homepage still does not support third-party icon packs, but the Shortcut style of desktop icons has changed.

Compared with the previous generation, the notification bar has changed a lot. The new version of the notification bar has added Gaussian blur (One UI 3.0 has added Gaussian blur in many places). You can only choose a 3×4 arrangement. The buttons for devices and media are moved to Above the shortcut function button, the notification window supports the choice of detailed and concise styles.

The new version of the dialing interface cancels the function of directly selecting card 1 or card 2 dialing. You can select only after entering the number, and the animation of switching calling cards occasionally drops frames (maybe because the beta version is not fully optimized), but the new The version has been able to set the background of the call interface and redesign the header.

In other respects, Samsung Input Method has added a new ShuangPin solution, which adds a variety of solutions compared to UI 2.5; the gallery settings are now moved to the lower right corner of the interface, and the bottom bar has a new thumbnail display feature; the memory management interface has added basic functions ——App cleanup, you can uninstall pre-installed apps; an “enhanced treatment” has been added to the battery settings.

Of course, the above is a small part of the more perceptible functions. understands that all the functions are neccneces.

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