Samsung S23 Ultra vs S22 Ultra: What’s changed in the latest flagship


Recently, there have been a lot of leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. One of the most well-known leakers, Ice Universe, has been one of the reliable sources of information about the phone. Leakster says that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a design similar to the S22 Ultra, which came before it. But there are some differences between the two devices that are easy to see.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Leaks Reveal Sleek Design and Slim Profile

The middle frame of the S23 Ultra will be wider than that of the S22 Ultra. The power button will also be moved down and enlarged.  The left-side camera module is also more extensive and seems to be a little bit thicker. The size of the two bumps has been cut down a lot on the right side.

Leakster has shared the S23 Ultra’s dimensions, which show that the device has a slim profile and small bezels. The left and right sides of the middle frame on the S23 Ultra are 3.0mm, the hole is 3.0mm, the forehead is 3.0mm, and the chin is 3.2mm. The device looks sleek and up-to-date based on these measurements.

A light-colored middle frame can make the device look better because it will stand out against its black edge. But if you choose the black version of the device or look at it in a slightly darker room, the metal middle frame may be lessnoticeable because it will blend in with the black border.

Leak about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s design and dimensions is fascinating. The S22 Ultra’s successor has a wider middle frame, a moved and widened power button, a larger and slightly thicker left-side camera module. It’s clear that the S23 Ultra will have a design that fits with what’s popular in the smartphone industry. It’s likely to appeal to people who want a device that looks good and works well with thin bezels and a modern design.


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