Samsung Starts Selling The New Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle

Samsung Starts Selling The New Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle
Samsung Starts Selling The New Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle
Samsung Starts Selling The New Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle

A couple of weeks back, a mysterious charging cradle popped up on Samsung’s official website for the US. It appeared to be a wireless charger developed specifically to work around the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro‘s strap design flaw. The product is now on sale, but not stateside. Instead, Samsung has released the Charger Cradle in the UK.

This charger has a raised platform where your Galaxy Watch will sit. Of course, it will charge all Galaxy Watch models and not just the newly release Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Perhaps you could wirelessly charge other compatible devices too, such as wireless earbuds. But if anyone needs it, then that’s a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro user. Because the latest Samsung smartwatch has a terrible design flaw that prevents it from changing through the in-box charger.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has its strap attached firmly to the lugs. The strap doesn’t bend or move freely, preventing it from sitting stable on a flat charging pad. The watch tilts away from the charger’s surface. This makes it incompatible with pretty much every wireless charger out there, including the Wireless Charger Duo that Samsung gave out as a pre-order gift to buyers in some markets.

This design error from Samsung meant users had to come up with some homemade solutions. The best is to keep the Charger Duo on a table or desk such that a part of it hangs out. You can then place the watch on that part, with the strap hanging below. But those with only a charging puck that comes in the box are still out of luck. This is where the new Charger Cradle comes into play. The raised surface has enough room below it to allow the watch strap to hang freely. Samsung seems to have taken inspiration from a user who made an identical raised charger to charge their Galaxy Watch 5 pro.

Samsung is now selling this wireless Charger Cradle

The new wireless Charger Cradle is now available to purchase in the UK. It comes in a single silver color and is priced at £20 in the country. Samsung is including a charging adapter with it. So you’ll have to use an existing one or purchase a new unit separately. The company says the charger is compatible with Galaxy Watch 2 series and newer. It will likely arrive in the US soon. But if you are in the US, you can buy it from Samsung’s official website here.

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