Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the first mobile device with a variable refresh rate panel

Samsung Display announced that they have provided a new generation of display panels that support variable refresh rate (VRR) technology for mobile devices for the first time. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the first to adopt a variable refresh rate. Panel of mobile devices .

To put it simply, the variable refresh rate panel (VRR) can automatically and continuously adjust the screen refresh rate according to the actual displayed content, instead of being fixed at 90 or 120Hz frame rate like current mainstream mobile phones. Because the latter is even on static content (such as pictures), the screen will always be refreshed, which will increase the loss of power consumption.

IT Home is informed that Samsung claims that the VRR mobile display panel equipped with the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra flagship product can operate in a 120/60/30/10 Hz mode. In addition to power saving, this technology can also effectively avoid image flicker caused by differences in brightness at lower refresh rates.

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