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In recent years, online shopping has increased significantly and many people are always looking for the best sites to save money.


In 2020, the number of digital buyers has exceeded 2 billion people in the world and the number is expected to continue to grow in 2021 reaching 2.15 billion.

This means that one in four people will shop online (around 25% of the 7.8 billion people in the world).

Some countries’ online consumers are around 38 million, 62% of the population, and are expected to reach 41 million by 2023.

But as you know, the rip-off can always be around the corner, and finding reliable sites is not easy.

Through this guide, you can find out which are the best e-commerce sites for electronic products, the most reliable, and those with the best offers.

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How to choose the best e-commerce?

Each of you will certainly have made an online purchase at least once in your life.

Whether you bought a 5 euro keyring or a 1000 euro pc, you will have certainly noticed a lower price than the classic shop near home.

It is in fact this, together with the convenience of receiving the product directly at home, one of the main reasons for making an online purchase.

But the main fear of many, especially when deciding to buy a very expensive product, is to remain anxious from the moment of payment until the moment of receiving the product.

Will arrive? Will it be identical to the one I purchased? Will it be defective?

To minimize all these potential risks, the best solution is always to use reliablewell-known sites and, above all, with excellent reviews from other users who have already used it.

But, even if the previous characteristics are met, another very important factor must also be taken into account: the price.

In fact, if a product is sold on many platforms at a certain average price and on a specific site you find it at a considerably lower price (over 100 euros), this means that something is wrong behind it.

Having said all this, let’s see which are the best sites to save on electronic products and on which to shop online without risking anything.


Amazon Logo
Amazon Logo

It might seem trivial, but Amazon is certainly in first place among the best e-commerce sites of electronics and not.

It has been a world leader for many years in the field of electronic commerce, with offices scattered all over the world, and, together with eBay, it is one of the two largest online marketplaces in existence today.

In addition to its reliability and safety, Amazon offers any type of product, each of which accompanied by a multitude of reviews from various global users.

Amazon sells new and used products online in two different ways:

  1. Reseller of third party products.
  2. Marketplace for other sellers.

Let’s see what the differences are and why to prefer one over the other.

Reseller of third party products

In the first case, the buyer purchases directly from Amazon.

Any type of problem on the part of the shopkeeper or of a defective or non-conforming product, it is directly Amazon who takes on any responsibility.

This is certainly a big guarantee in favor of the buyer because Amazon always tends to protect its customers.

This is why it is one of the best companies in the world in the online market today in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Furthermore, if you are not satisfied for any other reason with the product you have just purchased, you have the possibility to

conveniently make a return without any kind of problem and without necessarily giving a reason for the return.

Marketplace for other sellers

The second case with which Amazon operates is the Marketplace, which is a showcase in which shopkeepers can put their products on sale.

In this case, Amazon is limited to hosting the offers of third parties and each individual reseller sells and ships its products directly.

Amazon’s role is only that of an intermediary to facilitate transactions and to showcase products, but the sale takes place directly between the buyer and the seller.

Compared to the first purchase method, in this case, the guarantees from the buyer decrease considerably.

This is due to the fact that for any problem you must contact the retailer directly and all subsequent consequences depend exclusively on the seriousness or otherwise of the latter.

The only thing that can be done is to insert a negative review to the seller who will surely pay in terms of future sales in decline or exclusion from the platform in the case of repeated negative feedback.

But it must be considered that Amazon requires all sellers who intend to take advantage of the platform for the sale of their products to comply with some of their rules.

The most important is that which concerns the right of withdrawal within 30 days and not 14 (as required by law).

In all cases where a product is sold and shipped by third parties, Amazon clearly states that “The seller is solely responsible for the sale of its products and for the management of disputes with the buyer“.

Last but not least, Amazon is always available for any clarification or information thanks and above all to its call center, always available and active with operators present in every single country.


Ebay Logo
eBay Logo

In second place among the best e-commerce sites where you can save money online is definitely eBay.

Unlike Amazon, eBay operates only and exclusively as a marketplace, therefore a showcase in which every single person has the opportunity to sell their products, whether they are new or used.

The purchase options on eBay are divided into two main ways: Buy it now and Online auction.

In the Buy it now mode, a user ( be it a private user or a professional user ) offers a product for sale with a fixed price and it is up to the buyer to decide whether to buy it or not.

In online auction mode, on the other hand, the seller decides to put on sale a product with a usually low base price and to start an actual auction among the buyers (usually lasting 5-7 days).

At the end of the auction, the user who has entered the highest price can take the product home.

In both modes, the seller has the possibility to insert the so-called ” Purchase proposal ” in the advertisement.

A buyer has the possibility to send a purchase price to the seller who can decide within a few hours whether to acceptrefuse, or make a counter-proposal.

Compared to Amazon, eBay only acts as a showcase for individual product sales and remains extraneous to transactions between users, but it charges a commission on the final value of the goods sold.

The guarantees offered by the platform are therefore minimal but also in this case, as for Amazon, the user can always provide a negative review of the product and the seller and report everything to eBay.


Eprice Logo
Eprice Logo

Detached from the first two, but certainly in the first places among the best sites to buy online cheap electronic products we find ePrice.

ePrice is a 100% Italian marketplace that sells new products in many categories and a catalog with over 5 million items ready to be delivered daily to millions of Italians.

Being a showcase for third-party sellers, it takes care of selecting them with great accuracy and guarantees security in online payments to protect both the consumer and the seller.

Unlike eBay, where anyone can sell their products, there are restrictions on ePrice.

Sellers must be sales professionals, regularly registered in the business register of their country, and registered with the competent tax and social security authorities.

Also, in this case, there is an excellent assistance always available by phone or email to guarantee the buyer purchases in total safety.



The last platform of this guide is called TrenDevice, one of the best sites in Italy to buy refurbished smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

Among all the sites to save on new products, there are also those that allow you to save even more by buying a refurbished device.

The reconditioned devices (also called refurbished ) are computers, smartphones, or tablets that are put on sale after a company has repaired them and fixed all the aesthetic and technical problems that users have encountered.

Comparing the regenerated devices with the used ones is a big mistake.

While the former are like new, the devices used can present aesthetic problems or technical malfunctions.

It is precisely the companies that carry out technical tests and replace the damaged parts before putting them back on sale.

TrenDevice is the No. 1 site in Italy to buy and sell Refurbished Smartphones and Tablets, in particular, they specialize in the top-of-the-range AppleSamsung, and Huawei devices.

On TrenDevice, individuals and companies can quickly monetize second-hand products, without going through markets, online auctions, or word of mouth among friends.

TrenDevice will collect the devices free of charge at home and pay them in cash by bank transfer, after having tested their correct functioning.

A good part of the withdrawn devices will be given a new life thanks to all its reconditioning processes.

The best devices (those that pass 37 rigorous tests) will be offered for sale on their e-commerce with the formula “1 year regenerated guarantee“.

Notable Mentions


Now that you know the best sites to save money online, it’s up to you to find the platform that offers you the greatest discount for the product you are interested in buying.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but with a little attention, you can take the object of your desires home with confidence.

Using one of the platforms listed above, always remember to carefully read all the reviews and opinions on a particular product or individual seller.

Rest assured that if a seller has had excellent reviews over the years, you will certainly not be the first to be screwed.

Forget all those sellers or products with negative reviews because the scam could always be around the corner.

If you know other reputable sites you have had positive experiences with, leave a comment so that other people can also use them.


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