Scientists found: the moon is “rusted”

Recently, scientists discovered a strange thing on the surface of the moon. There is rust in the rocks at the poles of the moon.

“Rust” is a chemical reaction that requires oxygen and water to occur naturally, and there is no oxygen on the moon . Scientists are trying to find out why the moon “rusts”.

The cause of this incident was a scientist, Li Shuai, who published a new study on “Science Advances”.

Li Shuai obtained data from the Chandrayaan-1 orbiter of the Indian Space Research Organization and found that the rocks at the poles of the moon differed from those in other parts of the moon. After further observation, he discovered hematite, a common iron oxide-rust.

He contacted scientists and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to confirm the discovery.

“In the beginning, I didn’t believe it at all. Judging from the current conditions on the moon, hematite shouldn’t exist.” said Abigail Fraeman, one of the scientists contacted by Li Shuai, a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “But since we discovered water on the moon, people have been speculating that if the water reacts with rocks, there may be more types of minerals on the moon.”

So, why is there rust on the airless moon? This may have something to do with the earth.

First, in October 2009, human scientists confirmed that there is indeed water on the moon, and they exist in the form of gaseous water and solid water. It is believed that objects that frequently hit the moon help release water molecules, mixing these water molecules with the iron on the surface of the moon.

Of course, oxygen is needed for iron to rust. Because the moon is very close to the earth, the moon obtains oxygen from the upper atmosphere of the earth. And Li Shuai’s discovery confirmed this statement from the side. The side of the moon facing the earth has more rust than the side not facing the earth.

He believes that the process of rusting on the moon has actually been going on for billions of years.

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