Self-driving cars are approaching

According to media reports, the accuracy of automatic parking, emergency braking, and pedestrian avoidance is measured in millimeters, and the victory or defeat is only a millimeter. Climbing hills, corners, and tunnels, 3D Chongqing’s “all road terrain” tests the automotive industry The most powerful brain”… As the highlight of the 2020 Online China International Intelligent Industry Expo, i-VISTA Autonomous Vehicle Challenge, scenes from sci-fi movies once fascinated people’s imagination, and autonomous vehicles are gradually approaching.

At the 2020 Online China International Smart Industry Expo that opened on the 15th, Baidu founder Robin Li predicted that with the intelligentization of infrastructure, autonomous vehicles will be fully commercialized in five years. “By then, urban traffic congestion is expected to be greatly alleviated, and intelligent transportation based on vehicle-road coordination is expected to increase traffic efficiency by 15%-30%.”

In recent years, domestic car companies have paid more and more attention to autonomous driving. According to the data of the professional version of Tianyancha, there are more than 4,600 autopilot-related companies in my country that include “autonomous driving, smart driving, and unmanned driving”, and their status is active, existing, moving in, or moving out. Among them, Guangdong Province Auto Driving-related companies have the largest number, accounting for more than 32%.

According to CCTV Finance and Economics, since this year, the autonomous driving industry has bucked the trend, and there have been many large financing incidents. Statistics from the China Electric Vehicles Association show that in the first quarter of this year, the total amount of financing for autonomous driving companies at home and abroad exceeded US$3.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 34.1%. According to data from Tianyan Check, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 70 auto-driving-related companies with financing information in China so far, with financing amounts up to tens of billions .

It is worth mentioning that the innovation capabilities of my country’s autonomous driving-related companies are also constantly improving. According to the patent data of Tianyancha Professional Edition, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 12,000 patents related to “autonomous driving” or “unmanned driving” in my country, of which more than 3,000 new patents were applied for in 2019.

McKinsey & Company predicts that China may be the world’s largest autonomous driving market. By 2030, the total sales of autonomous vehicles will reach 230 billion U.S. dollars, and the value of travel services based on autonomous driving will reach 260 billion U.S. dollars.

In addition, CCTV Finance pointed out that the new infrastructure is included in the government work report this year for the first time, and the smart transportation infrastructure led by AI and 5G technology is regarded as one of the key development areas of the new infrastructure. The new infrastructure provides a matching informationized road and traffic environment for smart , enhances vehicle-road coordination, and can make autonomous driving safer and more efficient. The autonomous driving industry is expected to take advantage of the new infrastructure to usher in a golden development period.

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