Skills You can Develop Online & Earn Money

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Special skills you can develop online and earn money from them sooner or later, You can even make it a full time job if it pays you well, on this post we will discuss some of these skills, how you can possibly learn or develop them and advance as time goes.

Skills You can Develop Online & Earn Money

This post came to my mind when I observed the typical situation of students due to the Conoravirus Pandemic, i e waking up every morning, eat, take your bath, use your phone or watch the TV etc, and repeat the same thing the next day with Little or no difference, although the pandemic lock lockdown is slightly lifted its never too rate for you to develop a skill online some persons have already learned some skills and surely earning or advancing on it, some of this skills can be learnt with your android smartphone, your tablet or your PC, and others might not require the use of the internet but majority will, I will do my possible best to share as many skills as possible and how you can develop them, take a good sitting position because this post is a long one.

Skills You Can Develop Online And Earn Money From It

There are many skills you can develop as a student both online and offline, the good thing about learning a skill and developing it is that it can never depart from you and if you are consistent with it, it can earn you a living for life, Here we go:

1~ Youtubing

YouTube is the world’s most used video service and that’s possible because of the content settings, it’s a community of people by the people, anyone can own a YouTube channel, upload videos and have it watched by millions of people, there are millions of videos on YouTube including but not limited to comedy videos, tutorials and how tos videos, short movie clips, music videos, gaming, celebrity videos and the list goes on, if you can be a good content creator on YouTube believe me you will earn so much from it with time.

What Skill Can You Develop On YouTube?

You must have know by now that YouTube skills revolves around content, so for you to gain good subscribers on YouTube and eventually make money from it you need to have good contents, here are some of the contents you can create on YouTube.

1~ Comedy Skits: If you are the funny type and makes people laugh naturally then you can bring that talent to YouTube and earn from it, this type of channels have proven to have millions of subscribers, why because people loves its when you make them laugh eg of such channels includes MIB Studio ComedyMarkAngel Comedy, Yawa Skits Comedy Z fancy Pranks e tc

2~Movie Videos Channel: You can gain enough subscribers and in return earn money from youtube if you have a good movie channel, this channel can be dedicated to uploading indigenous movies, like old funny Nollywood movies, latest trending hot in demand movies etc, short comedy clips from movies etc eg of such channels are African Box Office Nollywood pictures etc

3~ “How Tos” Channel: This type of channel can gain a lot of subscribers because it’s educational, Our female folks can do well on this type of channel, you can own a YouTube channels that teaches how to cook different dishes, how to make up, how to tie gele etc examples of such YouTube channels are Dimma Umeh Make UpFlo Chinenye kitchenBoise state Graphic design etc

4~ Gossip Channel: If you are the type that can gossip well with latest happenings around social media and celebrities, you can make money with that on YouTube, upload videos about latest trendy gossips, you wouldn’t believe how popular you will become examples of such YouTube channels are Oge nka gistTop Notch Naija MediaNovistar Tv etc

5~ Gaming Channel: if you are an avid gamer you can own a channel that revolves around gaming, you can upload mod(hacking) game tutorials, How to play different games videos etc eg of such channels includes WolverinechillingAndroid gaming Universe etc

These are some of the things you can do on YouTube to gain good number of subscribers and make money from it from it

How Do You Make Money From Youtube?

Youtubers make money with their channel through adsense monetization and personal sponsored promotions by brands and businesses

2~ Software Development(Web And App)

You can utilize this lockdown to learn and master software development and programming, under this category you can learn website development, Android, IOS or Windows app development, becoming a developer is not a day job or even a six month job, however if you are consistent, you will be good at it with time and start making good cash with it, website and app developers are sort for every now and then and are paid good too.

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To become a developer you must learn and master some basic programming languages Java, Html, MSQL, Python, etc, the good thing about learning on this field is that you can learn on the internet with the aid of Google, YouTube and some special online tutorials.

3~ Graphics (Coral Draw) Design

This Covid 19 lock down can be a good period for you to learn and master Coral draw design as a student, graphic design deals with designing business cards, banners, logo etc, you can enroll to special classes and learn the skill, you can also learn a good deal of graphic design from YouTube videos too, so get to it, start from somewhere, graphic designing do pay well too, another good thing about the skill is that you can get online jobs through freelancing.

4~ Video Editing And 3D Graphic Animation

Video editing is one of the good skills to learn and earn from, coupled with 3D graphics animations, in this recent time businesses and organizations need a good video editor to edit their event videos or create a good 3D animation for their TV or internet commercial purposes.

The good thing about the internet is that you can learn most of these skills for free from it, through YouTube tutorials videos, e books and guides, you can also opt in to paid online courses on udemy and the likes, or better still you can go for an offline class.

5~ Blogging

Blogging can pay you if you invest your time and skills into it, yes it wouldn’t pay you overnight, you will need to master your niche, create good content that attracts enough traffic to your blog, then monetize it to make money.

You can go for entertainment, music, celebrity niche, as well as tech, educational, gaming, free internet, technology, how tos niche and whole lots of others.


blogging and YouTube are apparently the same thing what differs between them is how the contents are created, written for blogging and virtual for YouTube, you can even combine both.

Also when choosing a niche for blogging and YouTube you should choose a niche that you have passion for because that’s what will keep you going during your first few months of blogging or youtubing before eventually earning from them.

5~ Freelancing

Freelancing can help you earn income with skills you already mastered, for example, if you are good at graphics design , 3D animation, Android app or website development etc, you can sell your skills on Fiver or upwork and get paid for that, we have made a separate post detailing how you can earn income freelancing on upwork, you should check it out too. also if don’t have some special skills you can take up virtual assistance or excel jobs.

6~ Offline Skill Acquisition

You can learn some special skills during this Covid 19 lock down and be a boss at it, am referring to offline skills best known as handwork, since the lockdown have been eased in some states you can utilize the opportunity to learn any skill that you fancy, you can learn graphic design, web development, smartphone repair, laptop repair, tailoring, make up, electrical wireling, Painting, Piano Classes etc, the message here is that you should learn something and be good at it, because no acquired skill goes for a waste.

That’s the little rundown on the skills you can acquire online during or after the pandemic lock down and earn from them sooner or later , like I said earlier it’s a step by step process, you learn then you earn, so focus more on learning and don’t worry about earning because you will surely earn from a good skill, all you need do is remove the L from Learn and You earn 😊.

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