Sky Roller APK v1.19.3 MOD Download(All Skins Unlocked)

Sky Roller APK v1.19.3 MOD Download(All Skins Unlocked)

Sky Roller APK v1.19.3 MOD Download(All Skins Unlocked)

Sky Roller MOD APK (Unlocked All) is an arcade game for rollerblading lovers. you’ll download the MOD version of the sport via the link below this text.

Sky Roller APK v1.19.3 MOD Download(All Skins Unlocked)

Sky Roller

The publisher Homa Games once again proved to us that simple games often attract large numbers of players in a very impressive way. Their latest game, Sky Roller, after being released nearly a month, has reached more than one million installs and is always in the top 10 of the trending games. Although newly established in 2018, Homa Games games have always attracted millions of players around the globe. These include simple but creative games like Split Balls 3D, Boost Jump or Idle World.

This game uses the subject of skating , a well-liked sport in most countries. this is often a sport that doesn’t require too many skills of the player, you only got to skills to balance on skates then learn more advanced techniques. And Homa Games inspired by this sport to make the sport i’m close to introduce to you below, Sky Roller.


When playing Sky Roller, you’re allowed to skip the primary stages of skating . ditch the time you stumbling and need to offer up, now you’re a proficient patin player. you’ll play because the best roller skates player and conquer the difficult challenges of this game.

The gameplay is very simple . you employ your fingers (drag from left to right) to regulate the athlete’s legs to suit the trail . No need for difficult techniques, no backflips or 360 degrees rotation, you only got to keep your balance and attend the finishing line . If you think that that’s too simple, then you’re wrong. within the first few levels, you’ll feel just because the sport doesn’t have many obstacles. consider this as your training phase to familiarize yourself with the controls and sensitivity once you interact with the character.

To increase the challenge and new for players, Sky Roller designed more obstacles to stop your journey. As you rehearse the slopes, the speed of the track is additionally increased. you ought to always get on the alert for the game’s obstacles. Just a second off guard, you’ll stumble and need to start that level from the start .

Play online or offline?

Of course. With a totally free game like Sky Roller, you’ll get some distractions by advertising. But reciprocally , advertising gives you tons of advantages , like doubling the amount of diamonds, gifts, keys and therefore the opportunity to unlock rare characters. you’ll play in offline mode to experience the sport seamlessly, without being disturbed. But if you would like to earn many diamonds and gifts, play in online mode. Perhaps you’ll not got to ask my opinion.

Sky Roller APK v1.19.3 MOD Download(All Skins Unlocked)

Unlock skins

My goal which of everyone who plays this game are to unlock favorite characters. Because rollerblading may be a sport for everybody , Sky Roller’s characters also are extremely diverse. you’ll unlock tons of various sorts of characters, from a lively lass to an old man with sports clothes.


The characters and therefore the track are neat , but the scenery isn’t overly invested. At each level, the landscape is modified to avoid boredom for the player. you’ll adventure through snowy mountains, green forests or cities with tall buildings. However, the landscape is meant during a very monotonous way with only one color.

1001 level

Sky Roller consists of thousand of levels like the amount of challenges you would like to beat to become a top roller skate player. Each level brings you surprises within the way obstacles are designed. If you stumble, don’t worry. you’ll start over from the start . the sport doesn’t limit the amount of times you play, which suggests you’ll attempt to play until you pass that level.

Do not forget to gather diamonds along the way. the amount of diamonds you collect is employed to unlock skates, characters and buy some support items. Although it’s extremely valuable and helps you unlock your favorite character, diamond is sort of a trap to form you lose. repeatedly , because i used to be so engrossed in picking diamonds, I had encountered obstacles then . the sport uses our “greed” to form us make mistakes. So sometimes you would like to stay an idea in your mind, “Diamond is an obstacle”.

Sky Roller APK v1.19.3 MOD Download(All Skins Unlocked)

Hey Rollers,
Enjoy the better experience with the new version of Sky Roller!
Stay tuned for next updates

MOD info:


    • All Skins Unlocked

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.


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