Skyworth Motors’ first sedan SKYHOME debuts

Skyworth Motors’ first sedan SKYHOME debuts: dual 8295 chips, rear-seat foot massage.

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SKYHOME, the first sedan of Skyworth Motors, made its debut today. The car is still a concept car, but it is close to 90% of mass production status.

The overall design of Skyworth SKYHOME is mainly round and dynamic, and the tail adopts a fastback-like design. It is worth mentioning that the car also uses electronic rearview mirrors and a door handleless design. The doors open in a bi-fold manner . The final mass-produced model will most likely use a relatively traditional door opening method.

In terms of interior, the car’s cabin is equipped with a large through-type screen and a half-spoke steering wheel . The entire center console uses a wide range of curved designs, and the speaker shapes at both ends are also quite unique. In addition, the car’s wireless charging panel adopts a suspended design and is not integrated with the armrest box.

According to reports, the car is equipped with 21 speakers inside, two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 cockpit chips are built into the car , and a large flip-up screen is also equipped on the top of the rear row of the vehicle. Not only that, the operating areas in front of the front seat headrests and rear armrests are also equipped with screens accordingly. The car is also equipped with an on-board refrigerator, the rear seats can fully lie flat, and it is claimed to be the world’s first in-car foot massage function .

The car will be available in single-motor and dual-motor configurations. The dual-motor model has a maximum power of 460kW, can accelerate from 0 to 0-100 mph in 3.5 seconds, and is equipped with air suspension + CDC suspension and rear-wheel steering. The car supports 800V fast charging, which can recharge 490 kilometers of battery life in 10 minutes.

According to previous reports, Skyworth Automobile delivered a total of 3,545 vehicles in October 2023 and exported 1,726 vehicles overseas. It has experienced positive year-on-year growth for seven consecutive months, with monthly sales of more than 3,500 vehicles in August, September and October. The official previously announced that it would release a “major innovative product”, which is the new car described in this article.


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