Snapchat becomes the first application to use Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro lidar technology

Snapchat becomes the first application to use Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro lidar technology

According to foreign media reports, Apple held a press conference at 1:00 am Beijing time on the 14th and launched its latest flagship models, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. It is worth noting that these two models are equipped with a new LiDAR Scanner, which aims to provide a more immersive AR experience. Snapchat confirmed today that it will be the first iOS application to apply this new technology.

Snapchat becomes the first application to use Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro lidar technology

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Apple gave a brief introduction to this technology at the press conference, saying that LiDAR (LiDAR, also known as light detection and ranging) is the time required for the scanner to measure the light reaching the object and reflecting back. It works with the iPhone’s machine learning capabilities and development framework to help the iPhone help you understand the world around you.

This technology is applied to its iPhone 12 Pro model, due to its “perspective in the dark” capability, the technology can enhance night shooting capabilities.

It can also achieve photo and video effects, as well as more precise placement of AR objects, because the iPhone can “see” a deep map of the room.

The same technology can also be used in applications to build an accurate scene graph and enhance the AR experience. For application developers, does this mean the ability to use lidar to scan objects and rooms and other functions — for example, for AR shopping, home design, or AR games?

All of these will bring a better AR experience, and Snapchat also has the best AR filters in the industry. The cooperation between the two cannot be denied and will definitely bring a new experience. The company said that it will soon launch a lidar-driven lens specifically designed for the iPhone 12 Pro model.

At the press conference, Apple briefly introduced Snapchat’s lidar function.

Snapchat becomes the first application to use Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro lidar technology

In the Snapchat application, through the AR lens, you can see flowers and plants covering the table and floor, and birds flying towards your face . The grass at the back of the room seemed to be further away, and the plants climbed onto the kitchen cabinet. The birds in the lens will disappear, they can move behind the person, out of the field of view, or even fall into the hands of the person precisely.

This is the lidar lens that Snapchat will launch. There are also many early adopter videos on Youtube for people to see it quickly. But the company will not disclose more details for the time being.

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