Some features of OPPO’s first smart TV are exposed: dual series, chip supports 8K/60p decoding

mart TV are exposed: dual series, chip supports 8K/60p decoding

2023-10-18 16:46 IT House ( Wenzhou )

IT House reported on October 18 that OPPO will launch its first smart TV tomorrow (October 19), with a floating full-screen design, support for 4K, 120Hz and other features, and cooperate with Dynaudio to develop an acoustic system. This preheated product will obviously be a high-end flagship product.

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On August 31 this year, two new TV products under OPPO passed the national 3C certification in late August, including 55-inch and 65-inch products.

In September of this year, OPPO Vice President and President of China, Liu Bo stated in a letter to partners in China issued on the 7th that OPPO’s first smart TV product will soon meet with consumers, and the next generation of Find series models are expected to It will be launched in the first quarter of next year.

The more reliable digital blogger @ Tomato Palace broke the news today that OPPO’s smart TVs released tomorrow will include two series, or high-end and low-end (55′ and 65′), among which smart TVs with top models will use 4K quantum dot panel, equipped with MediaTek S900 (MT9950) chip, will support 8K resolution/60 frame refresh rate decoding and playback.

It is worth mentioning that the TV uses a 4K display panel , so only the chip supports 8K decoding, there will be no 8K effect in reality.



Naijatechnews learned that @OPPO officially shared a video at the end of last month. At the end of the video, OPPO’s upcoming first smart TV also revealed its true face. This TV uses a very narrow side design, and there is a camera module on the top. It is speculated that it will adopt a pop-up design. The lower frame of the fuselage has the OPPO logo and the TV bracket is silver.


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