Some Sony PS5 pre-orders will not be shipped until next year

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Excited players who pre-order the next-generation PlayStation 5 may be disappointed on the release day, because some PS5 pre-orders will not be shipped until next year.

According to VGC reports, several customers of GameStop in Ireland received an email stating that GameStop would not be able to satisfy some pre-order requests due to “circumstances beyond our control”.

The pre-order period of Sony PS5 does not allow customers to reserve a game console on the release date, but reserve a place in the virtual queue for the next-generation game console.

Those users who have pre-orders for PS5 can cancel their position in the queue at any time, or keep their position, hoping to get the next-generation game console earlier than some people.

It seems that some people will not get their next-generation game consoles this Christmas.

Naija Tech News understands that GameStop is not the only online retailer who is struggling with the distribution of Sony game consoles during the Christmas holiday. British retailer ShopTo revealed that the amount of allocation they received from Sony means that they will not be able to complete the pre-order quantity. Amazon is also close behind.

Sony PlayStation 5 has two release days during this Christmas holiday. On November 12, the game console will be launched in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea . Other countries and regions will get the game console on November 19.


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