Sony and LG were ruled by a German court to infringe Solas OLED patents

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On November 16th, according to foreign media reports, a German court ruled that LG and Sony infringed Solas OLED’s patent, requiring related products to stop selling in Germany, and products already sold need to be recalled.

Foreign media reports show that for LG Electronics, LG Display and Sony’s infringement of its own patents, Solas OLED sued these three companies in Germany.

According to foreign media reports, the patent that Solas OLED accused LG and Sony of infringing is a German patent code-named DE10254511B4, which is used to control the circuit of light-emitting diodes, and the OLED screens used in LG and Sony TVs are related to this patent. .

In response to the lawsuit initiated by Solas OLED, the Mannheim court in Germany supported their claims and ruled that LG and Sony infringed Solas OLED’s patents.

According to the ruling of the Court of Mannheim, Germany, LG and Sony will stop selling related products that infringe Solas OLED’s patents in Germany and recall all infringing products. They must also provide Solas OLED with the necessary detailed accounts to determine the defendant’s position in Germany. Damage compensation for the sale of the product.



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