Sony PlayStation 5 released in the holiday season will be based on the standard version

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According to reports, most of the PlayStation 5 game consoles released this holiday quarter will be the standard version.

Independent video game industry analyst Benji Sales said in his Twitter profile that from the data of retailers who have accepted host reservations, most models will be the standard version, that is, the version with the Blu-ray drive. This may be related to the fact that Sony will suffer greater losses on the digital version of the game console, so for the time being, it will give priority to the standard version of the console at $499.

According to Benji Sales, more PlayStation 5 digital consoles will be put on the market directly, so this shortage will certainly not exist forever.

PlayStation 5 pricing information has been announced earlier this week. The Hong Kong version of digital version is 3180 Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to about 2780 yuan, and the CD-ROM version is 3980 Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to about 3480 yuan. It will be on sale on November 19 and start on September 18. Accept reservations. The United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea are the first launch regions and will be launched on November 12.

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