Sony: PS5 does not support native 1440p resolution

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Microsoft Xbox Series S will support 1440p, because it is specifically designed around this resolution, Microsoft also said that Series X will also support this resolution, but what about PlayStation 5? Sony has remained quite silent on this issue. Previously, monitor manufacturer BenQ hinted that PS5 will support 1440p, but it seems that they are mistaken.

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According to a report from IGN in Italy, a representative of Sony has officially confirmed that PS5 does not support native 1440p . Although users can still connect the 1440p screen to the PS5 to play games, it is very likely that the 1080p signal will be adjusted up to 1440p. In addition, PS4 Pro only supports native 1080p and 4K resolutions, although many of its games run at around 1440p. understands that the resolution of 1440p is definitely irrelevant to most players. Most TVs are 1080p or 4K. 1440p screens are extremely rare. 1440p screens are very popular among some PC gamers.

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