Sony PS5 game loading speed show: “Astronaut’s Recreation Room” is close to instant reading

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As a pre-installed game for Sony PS5, “Astronaut’s Recreation Room” is a work that all PS5 consoles can play right out of the box. In July of this year, the game had announced a game demo, allowing players to see the game content of this game.

Now, a few months later, the game developer SIEJ has optimized and updated this game. The most obvious is that on PS5, the reading time of this game has been greatly shortened, which can be called: instant reading.

Comparison of the reading time of the two versions of “Astronaut’s Recreation Room” in July and October :

Naijatechnews is informed that in FAMI’s actual demonstration of the game, the game character can hardly see the process of reading during the rebirth process after death.



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